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Post a PIC Of Your Collection (Band or Label ONLY)

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1 hour ago, backpackoat said:

A really awesome collection. I admire the dedication. Super cool to see.

The sealed part is on the inside. I can show better pictures tomorrow. The jackets were custom designed by me and then I had a poster company print them. I cut them out and then put the sealed vinyl in the jacket, then a poly sleeve on the outside. Hope that makes sense. I'll try and get some pics tomorrow. 


EDIT: that was meant to quote EHughes, my bad. 

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1 hour ago, [Banned User] said:

Blink-182 - Buddha


-First press black w/ mailorder

-Picture disk
-Black repress
-Bugglegum Pink
-Orange Cream
-Split Green/Blue
-Sealed Hot Topic Splatter
-Split Red/Yellow
-Interpunk Splatter
-Newbury Blue

Blink-182 - Cheshire Cat


-First press red eyes

-Hot Topic second press blue green in yellow haze

-Hot Topic third press blue yellow split

-Hot Topic fourth press splatter

-SRC fifth press blue


Blink-182 - Dude Ranch


blink-182 - Dude Ranch collection
First press Grilled Cheese
MTS first press black
MTS first press split brown yellow
MTS first press yellow
MTS first press brown
MTS first press misprint split brown yellow /147 with tag
Hot Topic first press orange 
MTS second press green
MTS second press red
MTS second press coke clear
MTS second press blue marble
Hot Topic second press splatter sealed
SRC deluxe edition numbered 
SRC red
SRC green FYE exclusive 

Blink-182 - Enema of the State


blink-182 - Enema of the State collection
-MTS first press gold foil
-MTS first press red
-MTS first press clear
-MTS first press blue
-Hot Topic first press white
-MTS red/white split
-MTS blue/white split
-MTS solid white
-MTS clear green
-MTS clear orange
-MTS green/orange split
-MTS latex blue /182
-MTS nude peach /182
-MTS opaque baby blue
-MTS purple
-MTS red/black misprint /25
-MTS coke clear
-Hot Topic splatter (edited and non edited)
-SRC black deluxe
-SRC blue
-SRC clear 


Bllink-182 - The Mark Tom and Travis Show


blink-182 - The Mark Tom and Travis Show collection
-Hot Topic first press green and blue
-Hot Topic second press purple and pink 
-Hot Topic third press splatter
-SRC deluxe black numbered


Blink-182 - Take Off Your Pants and Jacket


blink-182 - Take Off Your Pants and Jacket collection
First press EU Universal w/ hype strip sealed
Hot Topic first press tri-color split 
Hot Topic second press black
Hot Topic third press splatter sealed
SRC fourth press 180g w/ Mark Hoppus foreword and colored 7"s
SRC 180g clear subscription series /182 w/ colored 7"s
SRC Red w/ black 7"s
SRC Yellow w/ black 7"s
SRC Green w/ black 7"s
SRC White w/ black 7"s
SRC Pink w/ black 7"s
SRC yellow FYE exclusive
SRC red

Blink-182 - Untitled


blink-182 - Untitled collection
-MTS first press black 180g signed by Mark and Travis
-MTS first press green/pink swirl 
-MTS first press pink/green split
-MTS first press pink/white swirl
-MTS second press pink /120
-MTS third press white
-MTS third press green marble 
-Hot Topic first press pink and green
-Hot Topic second press splatter sealed
-SRC first press black 180g deluxe numbered


Blink-182 - Neighborhoods


blink-182 - Neighborhoods collection
-Interpunk first press pink /500 
-First press blue marble
-First press gray marble
-First press white
-Hot Topic second press splatter (sealed)


Blink-182 - California


blink-182 - California collection
-First press purple signed by the band 
-First press red (sealed)
-First press white (sealed)
-First press black (sealed)
-First press EU silver indie variant
-Second press clear tour variant (sealed)
-Hot Topic second press splatter (sealed)


Blink-182 - California DLX


blink-182 - California Deluxe collection
-First press pink w/ slipmat (sealed) 
-First press green w/ slipmat (sealed)
-First press blue w/ slipmat (sealed)
-First press yellow w/ slipmat  (sealed)
-First press black 180g (sealed)
-First press EU pink/black haze variant
-First press AUS yellow/black marble variant
-Second press ROTOFUGI teal variant /182
-Third press royal blue marble /182
-Third press turquoise/black marble /182


Blink-182 - Test Pressings/Rare Records


blink-182 - Rare Vinyl collection
-Cheshire Cat RTI Test Pressing (sealed) 
-Dude Ranch RTI Test Pressing (sealed)
-Enema of the State RTI Test Pressing (sealed)
-The Mark Tom and Travis Show RTI Test Pressing (sealed)
-Take Off Your Pants and Jacket RTI Test Pressing (sealed)
-Untitled RTI Test Pressing (sealed)
-Greatest Hits RTI Test Pressing (sealed)
-Neighborhoods RTI Test Pressing (sealed)
-California DLX Gold 17/182 with Thank You letter
-Shortbus Maroon 7" with Message of Hope
-Dogs Eating Dogs EP 12" bootleg 3/3
All RTI test pressings were used for the SRC releases and custom jackets. 
Yes, this has taken me forever. No, I do not have a life. No, I don't care what you think. This isn't even all the blink albums I own, this is just from monthly posts I did in 2017 on instagram. Thanks to anyone who has helped me in the past. What an insane journey.

Moving this to the new page. Spent too long posting this to get lost on the last page haha. 

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Here’s my Ryan Adams collection. Looking for a few more pieces to add to my collection....


Heartbreaker (Green/Black Vinyl)

Heartbreaker (Purple/Teal Vinyl)

The Finger (Red Vinyl)

Patty Duke Syndrome (Black Vinyl) 

Any Test Pressings 



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Just picked up a few more Koz records so I figured I’d take a group shot. It’s a pretty minuscule collection compared to some other Koz collections I’ve seen here, but I pretty much have everything I want, other than April. The black/white marbled /300 April is a white whale of mine, I just don’t have $200 to drop on it.


Red House Painters - Rollercoaster (second press, 2015, black)

Red House Painters - Songs For A Blue Guitar (second press, 2015, black)

Red House Painters - Old Ramon (second press, 2015, smokey clear)

Sun Kil Moon - Ghosts Of The Great Highway (second press, 2018, black)

Sun Kil Moon - Admiral Fell Promises (first press, 2010, marbled grey /150)

Sun Kil Moon - Benji (second press, 2014, clear /1,900)

Mark Kozelek - Lost Verses - Live (first press, 2009, white /500)

Mark Kozelek - Live At Union Chapel & Sodra Teatern (first press, 2011, red/green /500)



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I've gotten a few more since this pic was taken just before Xmas last year, but here's my Balance and Composure collection so far. The full photo album is on my Instagram (john_ninj).





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forgot photo + photo link

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My Listener collection! Only things I'm missing are a Whispermoon test pressing (Which I think there's only 1 and Dan has it) and test pressings for the BE:BF 7 inches. I'll start collecting variants one of these days... 

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Neurosis Collection




Top to bottom, left to right


Aberration EP - Black

Neurosis / Soilent Green - In These Black Days: A Tribute To Black Sabbath Volume No. Six



Pain of Mind - Alchemy Test Pressing

Pain of Mind - 1st Alchemy

Pain of Mind - Alternative Tentacles

Pain of Mind - Reissue Blood Red

Word as Law - 1st Black

Word as Law - Reissue Blood Red

Souls at Zero - 1st Black

Souls at Zero - Reissue Gray

Enemy of the Sun - Reissue Black

Through Silver in Blood - 2nd Yellow / Green Splatter

Through Silver in Blood - Reissue Clear

Times of Grace - Black

Times of Grace - Reissue Clear

Times of Grace - Reissue Black / Oxblood Split

Sovereign - 1st Red

Sovereign - RP Black

Sovereign - Box set reissue from misprint

A Sun That Never Sets - 1st Black

A Sun That Never Sets - Reissue Oxblood

Given to The Rising - 1st White / Black / Silver 

Live at Roadburn 2007 - Gold

Eye of Every Storm - Reissue Silver

Honor Found in Decay - Gray Smoke

Fires Within Fires - White


Edited by sewnmouth
Added Alchemy to test pressing

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