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    All I'm missing is the handmade CD of So Young, So Insane. I had a copy in transit to me, but USPS lost it. Another girl has one yet won't sell it. Bummers all around.
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    That's what you get for buying a Linkin Park record.
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    With my wife and daughter today
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    PO Soon: CHON's debut LP - Grow

    Still looks good to me
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    Alleged Sexual Assaulters and Scumbags

    I know this may not be the trendiest news to read today, and I know Cwhit got laughed at in other threads for bringing this to attention, but fuck that. I know many of you are scoffing at a boycott of Pure Noise Records, a label who knowingly signed a band with a sexual assaulter, and then told a fan who brought it to their attention to "never buy another record from them again". Some of you have said that bands like Four Year Strong have "no blood on their hands", even though they continue to employ a man who tried to hide an assault, and then threatened Christian from The Hotelier for calling him out, and offered two pieces of free merch to a kid if they set their Hotelier shirt on fire. All of this at the expense of a 17 year old girl (at the time of the assault) who has probably taken almost as much heat for this for not staying quiet about it as the assaulter himself. Anyway, if you want to laugh this off and pretend like it's not important and that it's yesterdays news, then cool. I'm going to boycott Pure Noise (not that I have ever been an avid supporter) not because I think it's going to put a dent in their wallet, or sadly, change anything at all, but because by supporting them, you are, whether you will admit it or not, supporting a label with the mentality that it's okay to push sexual assaults under the rug, while continuing to show support for assaulters. Also, I agree that Jason Tate is quite often a total wiener. However, laughing at the position he is taking in this whole ordeal is disgusting. He's shedding light on an extremely important issue within the scene, and if you honestly think he is doing it for his own benefit/"holier than thou" attitude after reading everything below, than you're pretty fucked up. It's obviously your choice if you decide to boycott a record label or not. But I think it's important that people know about this, and then make a decision for themselves on whether or not they will support Pure Noise, and the bands involved. This will at least allow you to do that by shedding some light on the situation. http://www.absolutepunk.net/showthread.php?t=3725131 And I would like to thank Cwhit for bringing this whole thing to my attention.
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    Alright folks, here we go. 12" Against Me! - Transgender Dysphoria Blues (Signed) $55ppd The Ataris - So Long Astoria (OG, Black) $55ppd The Broadways - Broken Van (Transparent Green) $42ppd Menzingers - Rented World (Clear Blue/Black Smoke EU Variant.) Offer. Menzingers - A Lesson In The Abuse... (1st press. White /450) 29ppd Strife - Witness A Rebirth (Clear 6131 Subscription Variant) $20ppd Defiance, Ohio - Share What Ya Got (1st Friends and Relatives Pressing /625) $23ppd Leftover Crack - Fuck World Trade (OG Press) $25ppd Me First And The Gimme Gimmes - Are A Drag (Green) 35ppd Defeater - Empty Days... (Red, 2nd Press) $21ppd Brendan Kelly/Joe McMahon Split. (Silkscreen cover /100) $35ppd NOFX - Backstage Passport. (Red $30ppd) Strike Anywhere - In Defiance Of Empty Times (Blue) $20ppd AJJ/Ghost Mice Split (Dark Marble Green) $22ppd
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    Happy 4th of July, everyone! While this isn't technically a "holiday" sale...it is a wicked awesome sale that just happens to start on a holiday. Here's the deal: I've recently moved into a new place that is a fraction of the size of any place I've ever lived in. On top of that, we are working on several awesome releases for the coming months and at least two of them are double LPs. What does this mean? IT MEANS THAT UNLESS I GET RID OF SOME RECORDS, I WILL BE SLEEPING ON THEM! Make my accountant shudder at the sheer loss in profits on some killer releases that we have for sale right now: http://www.mindovermatterrecords.com/store.html Included items are: * All of our t-shirts (WIFE, Our Lady) * Our Lady "II" 12" * Our Lady "Vessels" 7" * Our Lady/estates Split 7" * husband&wife "Dark Dark Woods" LP+CD * Empires "Freshwater Reflection" LP * Billy Wallace & The Virginia Blues "Tucumcari..." LP * Greenland Is Melting "Still Not Dead" 7" ...and more! ALL ONLY $3 EACH!!! WHAAAAAT?! Also, we have some great new distro titles that I've added in, including: * ISIS "In The Absence Of Truth" (Clear/Red variant) * ISIS "Oceanic" * estates "Gleam" (debut vinyl LP, now OOP!) Come one, come all. Please help me make some space!
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    I'm guessing topshelfsquad has never seen toe live :D
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    this. so annoying, haha! I GET a lot of our bands that are more known can definitely be defined with this term, but it gets thrown around for the vast majority of our roster [simply by association] too loosely. toe is not an emo band. They have strong connections to the late 90's Chicago math rock / emo / instrumental scene and so I think that's mostly where that idea is rooted — but yeah, toe is a truly genre-less band and borrow elements of sooooo many genres effortlessly, tastefully and in wildly innovative ways. the actual 100% best band to ever exist ever ever ever lol <3
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    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    Tonight I plan on drinking myself silly and enjoying the fireworks that will take place behind my house in the parking lot of the post office. See, the condo commandos of our HOA prohibit fireworks and shit. So, people instead go to the parking lot of the post office in back, which I have a clear view of from the back of our place, and do all the stuff there. Always fun every year actually. BUT. This is the first year with our lil' goober so yet to tell how she will react & behave with the noise. Just this morning we have a pretty nasty thunderstorm and it was crazy, but she was pretty good through it. Slightly at attention with the thunder and noise but not freaking out. Here's a pic of her creepin' on me from the couch after we removed the cone of shame.
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    the plural of Tamagotchi is tamagotchi
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    According to Polyvinyl's site the Walker/Back of Dave split 7" came out 20 years ago today and was their first music release. My Polyvinyl collection started with an American Football CD in 2000, but started growing to this soon after. With the Owen/Into It. Over It. split coming out next month this picture will already be outdated, but I'm sure I'll always be buying a few things from them each year. And it also means more Airheads with my mail orders, which is nice. Note: While I included Matt Pond PA's non-Polyvinyl albums that they pressed, I left out Headlights' The Enemies EP and Owen's (the ep) since they were pressed by Mi Amante in Germany.
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    Bad/Disappointing Pressings

    My AFI The Art of Drowning had terrible surface noise.
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    The love for me yesterday made me feel all mushy and warm and adorable. But let it be known I am being of pure darkness, I am the night and I will punish fools swiftly.
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    Maybe it's like that blue and black dress.
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    Really? One of the best selling hardcore/metalcore records ever. TOCS is great, not too big of a fan when Dallas was with them though. LITSOS is probably my favorite record of theirs and Disambiguation was okay, just wasn't the same when Aaron left. And no harm, no foul!
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    Rozwell Kid Catch-All Thread

    Both my copies turned out fine looks wise. Haven't played my glow in the dark yet but I did the red splatter and it sounds great! I added the colors to discos too btw.
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    Read a list of bands on and affiliated with the label/situation. I am going to boycott everyone involved 110%. Of course this requires zero effort on my part and my life will not change at all. All those bands are terrible or I've never heard of them, so obviously they are terrible. This kind of action is needed though. Fuck predators and abusers. They need to be publicly called out so this kind of shit stops being accepted.
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    I know it's not necessarily vinyl related, but if you've ever considered buying ANYTHING from Foxing, now is the time. They just had their trailer with ALL of their merch, equipment, etc. stolen. This is from their Facebook: Foxing 36 mins · Our hearts are truly broken. Last night while we sleeping our trailer stolen. Literally all of our gear, a lot of Lithuania's gear, most of our clothes, personal items, and all of our merchandise was taken from us. We've contacted the police and filed a report; but as most bands who have been in our position can attest to, chances of recovery are low. We've known so many bands who have gone through this ordeal; at this point in history it truly feels like it's not a matter of if but rather when. Still, there is a difference between witnessing it and living it, and we are definitely 'living it' right now. I gotta tell you, it's just as soul crushing as one might imagine. There are a myriad of emotions running through our collective right now; just writing this is a bit overwhelming. I am grateful this isn't a message in regards to a car accident or a personal injury, we are all together and trying to remain positive, but like I said at the beginning: this is truly heart breaking. This may be self-aggrandizing but I look at musicians, and artists a whole, as social servants. It is function and duty of the artist to bring something to other's lives; in a very small way offer ourselves and our work to the world and hopefully bring people together. Perhaps this is trite, but simply put, the arts saved my life. I know I can speak for everyone in the band when I say that our lives have been forever changed by witnessing and playing music in a live setting. Further more, from meeting and talking to strangers around the country, I believe that we are not alone. Our joy comes from playing our songs for friends and strangers alike, and in so, our instruments were an extension of ourselves; whoever took our things last night took our ability to perform; they took away a part of all of us. We are devastated. -We are putting all of our shirt designs up on our store; if you've ever felt like you want a Foxing shirt, snagging one now would directly help us stay above water: http://foxing.merchnow.com/ -Also, this is really hard for me to write because we've always prided ourselves on our self-sufficiency, but we are hurting right now--if you feel like making a donation, you can send something via PayPal: [email protected] If you've read this far down: thank you for your time. We will update you as soon as we can. Today is a sad day; let's hold onto to love. ~
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    every time I get an urge to listen to SOAD or Linkin Park, ill just fart because its pretty much the same thing....but its good I don't get the urge often because my farts can sometimes be brutal. edit: ha ha, someone people got butt hurt
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    PO: The Wonder Years - No Closer to Heaven

    Easy pass.
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    My Coheed and Cambria "Afterman" Collection is finally complete.
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    Grabbed the Hobbledehoy CERES releases and decided to check out the Moose Blood LP. 3 12" and a 7" for $37 shipped, I'll take it.
  25. -1 points
    Like how you edited from question to statement to seem even more like a smug bastard. When I was in college (I took recording engineering) I had a music lit prof. He's pretty well known for interviewing pretty great bands like Tortoise, Merzbow, etc. I did a project on emo and he raved about how my presentation was the best he'd ever seem. He asked me during the presentation to define emo. I'm 28 years old and been listening to emo since I was 14, that's 14 years half my life... so take that and shove it up your self righteous asshole.
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