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    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    For the love of god, someone press Zombies Ate My Neighbors! Two variants: cyan/magenta split and watergun clear/blue Anyone with me?
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    Uptight pricks on Discogs

    Anyone and everyone is a cocksucker.
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    Just exactly how white is it?
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    Uptight pricks on Discogs

    Some asshole left me my first negative feedback that I've ever gotten anywhere because a picture disc plastic sleeve had a split.
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    Waxwork Records Thread

    Faux leather necronomicon cover with blue and blood splatter vinyl.
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    PO: Baroness - Purple

    Haters with 30 posts are laughable.
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    PO: Baroness - Purple

    Got the purple/white from relapse.
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    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Especially if you can find a good deal on them and flip it later.....like that Zelda 7" on Discogs....
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    PO: Baroness - Purple

    That's the full artwork. my b.
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    The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    There's going to be clear vinyl pressings of Perturbator releases, limited to 75 copies each, sold only at the upcoming gig in Helsinki: Dangerous Days Terror 404 I am the Night
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    I tried to find a gif... this will suffice
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    Ill give you tree fiddy
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    Kind of amazing it was in Bell Gardens less than a day. Must be a record (no pun intended).
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    Black Friday RSD - 2015

    The True Detective soundtrack is on Spotify now, I assume the RSD release would be the same track list. It has all the Lera Lynn plus the Nick Cave cover. It also has the unreleased Sign of the Judgement from S1, which is the best song from either season.
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    It's rock music
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    Excited for all of you who haven't got a copy yet but damn, I need a repress of common dreads!
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    The entire point of this topic is that selling OOP records for their average market value is not flipping and yet some people here can't grasp that simple concept. Furthermore, if I wanted to sell a record for 6000 dollars and someone bought it, that's because THAT IS WHAT THAT RECORD IS WORTH TO THEM. If you disagree just don't buy it.
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    Above poster is an idiot
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    The hobby is right! Though I don't agree with buying multiple copies of a record with the sole intention of selling them for a profit, I have sold records for more than what I've paid. If it's a record that I no longer want or listen to, I generally just trade it off for something I will, without taking a record's 'value' into account; however, I have sold records on eBay for a profit because I needed to buy food since I was jobless for the first 6 months after moving to DC.
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    Uptight pricks on Discogs

    And you're an asshat, and I'm not.
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    Hey man, you might want to think about lowering some of these prices if you want to use records to fund your wedding.
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    I'm shocked that people here even know when JB was born.
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    I'd put '69 or '70 up against pretty much any year. Here are just 10 of the 1969 highlights: Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin II The Velvet Underground Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere In A Silent Way The Stooges In The Court Of The Crimson King Abbey Road Let It Bleed Trout Mask Replica 10 1970 highlights: Black Sabbath Paranoid Deja Vu Bitches Brew After The Gold Rush Led Zeppelin III Abraxas Tea For The Tillerman Weasels Ripped My Flesh Mwandishi
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    Portlandia 7"

    i hate it when the only place to buy a good record is a crappy store
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