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    EP is finally being pressed. Possible other links/variants. There is also a song up on Spotify that's not on the EP so new album sooner than later? Jason is a busy dude. PO Links: Amazon Bullmoose
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    Pvris: Acoustic 10" EP

    Another pressing: http://pvris.merchnow.com/products/v2/272648/acoustic-opaque-coke-bottle-10-inch
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    I dig the art direction on this.
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    So I came across this on bullmoose. Looks like Until The Ink Runs out is being repressed by Good Fight. Hopefully others will follow and we get a non pic disc of Vanity and first pressing of Obsession. Didn't know where to post this so here's in hopes of others getting pressed. Couldn't find any other links/variants/pre orders so will update accordingly. Pretty stoked tho... PO Links: Bullmoose Amazon
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    PO NOW: THE FEVER 333 "Made An America"

    Definitely in for this, the EP is A+
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    PO NOW: THE FEVER 333 "Made An America"

    There's a fever coming...
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    Standard https://www.soundstagedirect.com/houndmouth-golden-age-vinyl-record.shtml
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    PO : This Day Forward - In Response

    oh wow. Wasn't expecting this. I still listen to this album fairly regularly. buying.
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    I once had the Effects of Light on Water that was on the 3 7 inches
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    PO NOW: Foxing - Nearer My God

    In for a black copy. New song is gooood!
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    New Foxing song on Apple Music and Spotify. Possible preorder soon?
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    Need Passengers OS1 as well. Would love them to do some pressings of the audio of the live DVDs as well.
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    PO Now: Nas - Nasir

    I was listening to Kids See Ghosts again today. It's beyond fucking catchy. Literally, every song sticks in my mind from Ye's " gra ta ta ta" on Feel the Love to Cudi's reprise on Reborn. Feel good album of the summer which is good for Ye. To fight his demons and have some positivity embodied in his music. It's cool as shit.
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    Can't tell if you're trolling or not.
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    They should do a 4LP, and include the B-sides on that comp too. This recent “Best of 1980-1990” 2LP feels like a missed opportunity, unless they are saving “The B-Sides” for Record Store Day.
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    PO Now: Nas - Nasir

    Dooooo...you listen to: The Beatles (Lennon beat his wife), Chuck Berry (violent, videotaped women in his restaurant's bathroom, transported a 14 year old across state lines to have sex with her), Elvis (young girls), CeeLo (rape, his views on consent), Cake (drummer is a convicted pedo), Rolling Stones (young girls again), Miles Davis (abuser), The Smiths (Morrissey is pretty much a racist asshole), James Brown (abuser), Bowie (14 year old girl[in his 30s], former fascist). Pretty much all worse than supporting a idiot president that nearly half the country voted for.
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    I don't like Kanye but your comparison is horrible and you should feel bad. He's crazy not evil.
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    PO Now: Nas - Nasir

    It really annoys me that people think just because someone's politics differ from theirs they can't enjoy the art or music they make. I could care less about kanye's political or religious views, cause they greatly differ from my own, that doesn't stop me from enjoying his work. If you only consume art from people who share your views you must have an extremely narrow minded view of the world
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    Shoegaze/Dream Pop Thread

    Not sure if anyone else bought this recently but I'd recommend 'Pink Noise' by Echo Ladies, you can listen on bandcamp and the pink vinyl can still be found on a number of uk sites (not sure where in the US are stocking it) https://echoladies.bandcamp.com/album/pink-noise http://www.resident-music.com/productdetails&product_id=55627 https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/music/echo-ladies-pink-noise https://www.normanrecords.com/records/170517-echo-ladies-pink-noise
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    Yeah, this sucks. These went up 2AM my time. Someone let me know at 4:17. My ass didn't wake up until 7:30 AM when it was way too late...
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    I haven't. I did get my copy from Boomkat though.
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    Fox Confessor is pretty much a perfect album in my humble opinion.
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    Yup. I’m on it this morning too. It’s a grroooooowwwwwinnnnnn it feels to me like the lovechild of Autumn Kaleidoscope and Seefu Lilac
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