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    Disensitizer and Condom

    I hope you won the election.
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    Now, Im just thinking outside the bun but Im pretty sure Ariana Grande is the #5 special at the Taco Bell.
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    They finally caved to the overwhelming demand, huh? Crosleys everywhere just let out a shout of joy!
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    Turnover - Peripheral Vision

    - The digital download for this release will not be available until release date, please do not attempt to download prior to the release date, it will cause your downloads to expire.
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    Turnover - Peripheral Vision

    Rookie mistake
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    SpaceLab9 thread

    Nah man, I'm lying to you for no reason.
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    Apologize in advance for being lots of photo guy but I have a photo for each so its easier to update when the inevitable next press comes out. There are three bands I actively try to keep complete: Bayside, Moving Mountains and Owen. Here is my Bayside collection, all I am missing that I am aware of is the green split 7" and the Black vinyl of the white version of Cult though I do have that incoming (was sent two reds in error). I'll post what I have of Owen later though I know there are several other photos of that collection here from others, but, I mean, I did name my son Owen, so maybe he is an added collection bonus haha
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    Bought the second pressing of the book, but I really want that stencil! This was my first attempt with a Devil and God stencil I made for a painting for my lady a while back. That guys face was kinda tricky for me. My big hands and an exacto knife are quite the combo.
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    New product at Taco Bell --- About $2 less than a Nacho Bell Grande
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    PO: Thy Art Is Murder - Holy War

    Hot Topic will have clear vinyl w/ black splatter, no pre-order. Limited to 500.
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    I was told I should post these here as well, A couple years ago I made a bunch of fallout stuff (Including a 101 suit), here is some of the stuff (sorry for the size, also last pic is my friends but i made one too, mind you his turned out a littler better);
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    YESSSSSSSSSSS, FINALLY. Steve Moore all day every day.
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    Repacements Vinyl Box Sets Coming

    "Sorry Ma, I Forgot to Take Out the Garbage" Good work Billboard.
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    I got blocked for calling out the obvious gambit that this page was. They exploit vinyl newbs, use other people's pictures without asking, and use the follow-unfollow trick to gain followers without boosting their follow count. It's a shady service.
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    MLB Discussion

    I'm sure it's a coincidence.
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    God I hate having roommates.
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    The Butcha


    I hike pretty often out here in Oregon. We have some beautiful mountains. Here's a pic from the last mountain I climbed. It's the Tom, Dick, and Harry mountain. A smaller mountain off of Mt. Hood (pictured). 8-10mile hike up here but worth the view for sure.
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    The Butcha

    new tattoo appresh

    My newest work. Pigzilla! Destroying shit.
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    Can't and will not hate on or talk shit about this or Ariana Grande. Nope. Won't do it. Then I'll get called a hypocrite and an asshole. Especially given the multitude of Taylor Swift releases including vinylz I may or may not own.
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    Dicky Greenleaf

    Record Store Day 2015 (4/18/15)

    I'm not bothered at all. The point of my comment was that I couldn't get this locally, so I thought it was gonna be one of those hard-to-get ones that I would have to track down. Turns out it wasn't. I thought that was funny, so I shared the thought here. I don't care about the expected "value" or " demand" of records, I buy records that I want to listen to. I should have added a smiley face or something after my initial comment so that it was clear I wasn't complaining about anything.
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    MORNING ! & everyone else! Also, fuck this cold weather. I had to use my heat last night. It's the end of April!
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    VC Official Pro Wrestling Thread

    i'll catch you up: Big Show is still around.
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    Cheap sports jerseys buying

    Go Bills!
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    As of today I completed my Ben Howard vinyl (+ cassette) collection. I'm going to try to obtain the 4 CD EPs next to have a complete discography collection. Every Kingdom 12" LP I Forget Where We Were 2x12" LP The Burgh Island 12" EP Old Pine 10" EP Black Flies Secret 7" (just came in the mail today) Old Pine 2x7" EP Every Kingdom cassette LP Every Kingdom Deluxe LP 3CD I Forget Where We Were LP CD Missing: Games In The Dark EP CD These Waters EP CD Old Pine EP CD The Burgh Island EP CD
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    SpaceLab9 thread

    A couple years ago I made a bunch of fallout stuff (Including a 101 suit, no pic at the moment), here is some of the stuff (sorry for the size, also last pic is my friends but i made one too, mind you his turned out a littler better);
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    I would like to publicly say that I have nothing to do with this. So please don't harass me at work again or accuse me of purposely trying to hurt the band. Thanks.
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    Blur- Magic Whip Pricing

    The new Blur album is out Tuesday and damn this thing is expensive! Damon Albarn did the same thing with Robots- I guess he needs the money?? Been looking at pre-order prices and this is what I have found: Amazon- $39.98 (Free for Prime) Ameoba Music- $36.98 + Free Shipping Interpunk.com- $37.00 +5.25 ship Siren Disc- $34.95 + 2.95 ship no tax IndieVinylDen.com $32.88 + 2.99 ship no tax Barnes and Noble $36.09 + Free Ship + tax Oldies.com $32.95 + ship $6.98 Looks like there will lots of movement on these prices, still too expensive blur!
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    RSD15 Request Thread

    big ups to you. i got the against me! 7" for $7 (+shipping) from this guy and it was the only thing on my short list of wants that i couldn't get locally. so glad i didn't have to turn to ebay this year.
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    Weird because I'm pretty sure everyone else felt the exact opposite.
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    NSFW I mean wtf Edit: realized I probably should have put this in a spoiler
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    Yeah, they killed it with the teaser video.
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    Destiny Two - CHOO CHOO

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    High five jack
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    Online sales of RSD releases

    Got an email from siren that they found a copy of whiplash for me! Either that or somebody canceled! The vinyl gods smiled today!
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    Just found my first grey beard hair. Weird.
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    Seeing Polaris tonight. So stoked.
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    when the world economy collapses, nations will base their economies on brand new records the deja standard
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    PO: John Lennon - The Vinyl Collection

    I've just never met an analog purist who isn't an insufferable person. (And it will sound the same as if it was cut directly from the tapes.)
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    RSD15 Request Thread

    This guy came thru last year. http://www.reddit.com/r/vinyl/comments/332c4n/im_back_with_my_stores_rsd_leftovers/
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    Place to order records.

    I'd also try a record store.
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    Awesome Goodwill Finds

    Found a MXPX "on the cover" for $.50, pretty random for my small town...the Goodwill did end up closing, not sure why a Goodwill would close but maybe too many people donating and not enough buying.
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