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    Haiku's about Casey

    Shut the fuck up Blanch Nobody cares what you think Wait, a warning point!?
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    What's the URL of your poetry blog?
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    I've only listened to the re-recording a couple of times. I really still prefer the original recording because its what I grew up listening to. On its own, I love Catch 22's 'Keasby Nights' more than anything SM, just on history and time invested in it. I use the SMrecording when ranking all their releases. Still amazing, but I prefer the original.
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    Haiku's about Casey

    Blanchard wins this thread. Even if it pains me so, Just to say those words.
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    Redscroll Records on Discogs

    I work at Redscroll Records (Wallingford, CT) and we list a good chunk of our stock (definitely not all) on discogs, with more being added every day. http://www.discogs.com/user/Redscroll http://www.redscrollrecords.com
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    Recent purchases

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    [PO] Deafheaven // Sunbather

    That's why they did a /300 and /700.
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    various download codes

    Took Deafheaven - Sunbather. Thanks!
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    various download codes

    i took magnolia thanks!
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    Drive Soundtrack?

    Got a legit rager looking at that pic. Justin Cole just won this thread. Well played.
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    Drive Soundtrack?

    Bahahaha awesome! After how ridiculous this thread has gotten this really locked it in.
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    [PO] Deafheaven // Sunbather

    Sorry, have to ask. Even if they did get more pressed than the demand requires why do you care so much about it then? Especially when it's just something you base on a feel. Just curious, why does it matter so much? I count on Deathwish know what they are doing since they, after all, should have the best feel of how many records they need to get pressed to meet the demands.
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    DJ Quik

    Drive Soundtrack?

    Brb, going to order a 100 copies of Drive
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    so many things I want including my top 2. Ha if only I could afford nice things!
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    Drive Soundtrack?

    Driving home from Dallas and its kind of hard to take pictures of 4 2xlps in a car but these are all side one of each album http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s516/justin_cole12/null_zps504267de.jpg
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    Looking to waste some money?

    I've combined two of my favorite things—music and glitter—and created sparkly one-of-a-kind pieces that celebrate the lost art of album design. My shop is like memory lane, but sparkly and fabulous! lol.
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    Drive Soundtrack?

    Just opened these up and they are all pink
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    Drive Soundtrack?

    I'm so jealous of your complete life and happiness.
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    the /300 screenprint is available by itself again at merchlimited for $7
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    I love me some Tim...
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    DJ Quik

    Drive Soundtrack?

    I'm so happy you got all black Well deserved
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    City and Colour - Tour Variants

    Guys, the worst day ever has come along...I need cash for broken TV woes and other things that I need cash for, I wish I was talking about drugs but unfortunately it is for necessities as well. I am entertaining very serious inquiries for my 10" black test press. This is not something I ever wanted to part with but unfortunately I may have to. Message me with serious offers, but I may need to go to the bay with this bastard.
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    Hey... less talking more pictures! I kind of hope its pressed but we will see. That show sounded so good that it would be nice to have a pressing of it. But, to your point, I will try to help you out again if there is a friends press.
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    A.N.S. Collection (6/2/13) Part 1 of 2 The Pool 1st press - DIY covers (350 Total) blue - 86/350 pink - 122/350 green - 24/350 2nd press black clear gold - /100 Test - 1/13 The Process of Stoking Out regular cover, black regular cover, marbled orange - /208 2007 tour, alternate cover, black 2007 tour, alternate cover, white - /100 More Process of Stoking Out (TXOS) 2007 tour, spray painted cover, clear gold - 37/200 (TXOS) 2007 tour, spray painted cover, clear gold - 65/200 2008 Tour, ugly marbled vinyl - 88/145 Still More Process of Stoking Out all 2007 tour presses, spray painted covers, clear gold vinyl left to right, top to bottom (Feral Kid Records) - 3/50 (Feral Kid Records) - 40/50 (Gnarly Slaughter) - 3/50 (Gnarly Slaughter) - 23/50 (Gnarly Slaughter) - 28/50 (Gnarly Slaughter) - 34/50 (Cowabunga Records) - 1/50 Even More Process of Stoking Out hand painted DIY cover, clear gold - 8/20 acetate wraparound, spray painted cover, clear gold, inscribed on back "joe's ass should have taken the damn bus 5/20" "ran out of covers edition", white vinyl w/ DIY labels - 5/12 Pressure Cracks black - /600 yellow - /300 white - /100 Split With Ramming Speed (1st press), black (2nd press), green - /300 (1st press), die hard, glow in the dark print, printed poly bag - 15/100 4 bands to drain your pool, black - /400 4 bands to drain your pool, red - /100 romancing the phone, pink - 23/1000 romancing the phone, purple - 252/1000 carpenter ant split, grey vinyl carpenter ant split, test, two 1-sided 7"s - /15 Heinous black, yellow snake print pink, black snake print yellow, black "skate hard" print pink, yellow "skate hard" print coke bottle clear, no print coke bottle clear, yellow print (Sick Thought Records) black, spray painted grip tape on B-side, - /80 deadpoint split, black deadpoint split, black, summer tour edition - 147/200 deadpoint split, black/red swirl - /150 my revenge split, black reproach split, black seasick split, black seasick split, white
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    Drive Soundtrack?

    There seem to be a lot of jaded people in this thread who like to tell other people what to do with their records. I don't know how some of you guys have time for that nonsense
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    Who the fuck cares what anyone else thinks. Do what you want.
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    To those that bought both the deluxe 45 RPM and indie/regular editions, is there a big difference in sound?
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    MLB Discussion

    It's funny because I know as of a day or two ago, the top 3 NL Central teams already had the best records in the NL. imagine if they had the Astros too to beat up on...
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    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    At the beach and my first day I crashed a moped into a wall and got sunburn. Still a crazy fun trip though
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    Don't really agree with this... Here's my opinion KN>EGN>THTT>99>SITB. We're talking about the original Keasby Nights, not the re-recorded one, right?
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    Drive Soundtrack?

    You're certain to find the purple/white swirl variant in one of those!
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    Case and Point, its like surfing before you swag. Everyone knows you catch a wave then swag surf
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    Cheap sports jerseys buying

    Do you also own a samurai sword autographed by Randy Jackson?
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    Cycling? Anyone here ride?

    Just finished the Twin Cities Tour de Cure ride. Logged 54 miles today.
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    This The title of this thread should just be changed to "Records I want but can't afford" or "Somewhat-difficult-to-find records" or something along those lines. Actual white whales mentioned in this thread are about 5 percent or less
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    Is it weird to collect cars if you don't have a license? Is it weird to collect comics if you're illiterate? The answer you're searching for is "yes". That being said, you're supporting bands you like (WTF? Bands are charging $8 at a show for a 7"? Really???) and there's value in that. And if there is an endgame of you eventually owning a record player, that works, too.
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    I think maybe collecting with no goal to ever buy a record player would be weird. Buying them with the intention to listen to them at some point seems normal to me.
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    Haiku's about Casey

    Yo Casey Casey Yo Yo Casey Yo Casey Casey Yo Yo Yo
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    That shirt has been around since Damnesia. I have an old one (XL) that I had to retire cause I lost a ton of weight. It'd be cool to buy this again in a large.
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    Tidal Wave

    Riot Fest 2013

    Neutral Milk Hotel for the ?????????s ????
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    This is fantastic and deserves to be on two pages. I wonder how many of those Holy Mountain Kreation test pressings were made. I've seen a shit load sold and they're always on eBay. Seem to be more common than the other Kreation versions at this point.
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    Koji - Crooked In My Mind

    That's what mine looks like. This sounds absolutely amazing too! I only listened to "Chasing A Ghost" when it was first released and wanted to wait until I actually had my copy to listen to the rest of the album and it was more than worth the wait.
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    Desert Island Discs

    So what you're saying is you don't want to be stuck on an island with 95% of the people on this board?
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    Hi if anyones willing to sell the box set, PM me! It'd be awesome to have this!
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    Lonesome Crowded West

    Fuck yeah, can't wait.
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    Album Enders

    Mogwai Fear Satan
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