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    because just about all the music from that era/genre should stay there.
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    I don't think you did, dude.
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    Dads - I'll Be The Tornado

    "But" is such a good song, can't stop listening to it
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    My package just went from Alaska to Kentucky to Alaska I live in NYC goddammit.
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    Shitty Rambo

    Brand New - Deja Entendu

    "Poor guy, the early 2000's were really rough on him" - The people who work at the soup kitchen I'm eating at on Christmas Eve Alright fuckin' Ralph Lauren, relax. Some of us are too busy doing man shit to research the specifics of clothing variants. Enlighten me, is it possible for one to get a dicky stuck in an ascot?
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    Brand New - Deja Entendu

    I made it into some bowls!
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    haha, there was a cat at the Portland Humane Society named that. You need to get that cat a little kitten named Ralph Meowcheo.
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    Me, half a bottle of vodka and Mr. Meowgi.
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    Worrying about LITA is something that doesn't make sense to me. They're as reliable as anyone in the business.
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    My online cassette store

    I would pay a buck or two for some of these. Would not pay $8+ for any. Good luck cashing in on some trendhopping newjacks with this thrift store collection.
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    Brand new tapes are $5 from new bands. This guy's charging 9 for tapes that were pressed by the 1000s
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    Kind of a shitty cell-phone pic, but you get the idea: It sounds so good too. Definitely put me in the mood for Halloween (even though I'm always in the mood for it ),
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    The Fiancee and myself in a record store right after we got engaged two weeks ago. No... I didn't propose in the record store but obviously we had to go right after to buy some celebratory vinyl.
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    NFL Discussion

    Love to see the pack take an L
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    Taylor Swift - 1989 2xLP

    I guess I'll be hitting a Target tomorrow then.
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    Green Tea Papi

    Orchid Tapes Club

    I know this is silly but the other day I designed a pretty sweet teen suicide shirt and I kinda want to do it for other bands on orchid tapes and I want to share them with you, so would you guys like that?
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    Same reason the dinosaurs died out.
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    Give the people what we want!!!
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    ya'll are a buncha jerks!
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    Only owned the MOV but it sounds fucking incredible.
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    Why did you post this twice
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    The alternate version of Sun Hotel breaks my heart every time.
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    This has gone very quiet, but Arctic Rodeo's FB now says:
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    MEGA msale at ccmusic.com

    I would contact them immediately, cancel and re-order or make sure they apply the coupon. Just tell them you forgot.
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    PO: As Tall As Lions - S/T repress

    I love these variants. I think it looks awesome. Pepto-puke or otherwise. It's unique. I own way too many boring clear records.
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    NCAA Football Discussion

    How deflated is the Ole Miss kicker's confidence that they decided to call a terrible play under those circumstances?
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    There's an alternative version of Cowboy Dan on a 7"? I may have to order just for that.
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    There was a delay with the box sets, but we have now received them and are in process of shipping them out. You should expect your order to ship out next week or the first week of November. You should receive an email once the order is processed and it is on its way to you. Thanks for your patience!
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    Yeah, I'm happy they kept the packaging the same as the first issue of Lonesome. So happy with this reissue. I've waited so long for this.
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    Shitty Rambo

    Brand New - Deja Entendu

    The biggest crime being committed is the fact that someone might actually wear this shit. Zing.
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    Brand New - Deja Entendu

    I feel like limited edition crewnecks should not be a thing.
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    SMLXL vinyl thread for Relient k

    2 lefts!!!
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    I don't think that is what he is looking for
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    He can't slow down? Someone sound the alarm.
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    Something soon.

    Invisible variant /5. Congrats dude.
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    I met up with Paul last night, had a few drinks, nerded out about records & he even drove to my friends apartment! BUY FROM THIS DUDE! Nothing but good things to say about him.
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    and I said it in December. Do you want a cookie or something?
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    Killpop is one stupid name for a song
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    Just because you are pissed doesn't make it right to lie and give negative feedback: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Porcupine-Tree-We-Lost-Skyline-LP-Orange-Vinyl-SEALED-Steven-Wilson-/251674507684
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    Nope. I've purchased records from everyone else in this thread, but won't EVER buy anything from a rude fucktard like yourself. Carry on.
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    If I was a teacher, I'd give this a D- Please see me after class
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    On the lookout for Anal and Satan I suppose.
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    please, come back to the thread again soon. i know how hard it is for you to stay away.
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    Lucky bastards, I couldn't grow facial hair if my life depended on it.
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    Autographed records?

    I'm hesitant about signed anything - even if I'm the one there personally watching it be signed.
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    USPS horror stories make me appreciate amazon prime so much more
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