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    I just want a simple, standard gram (because its wasteful and serves no additional purpose), cleanly and carefully pressed black vinyl, impeccably mastered (as close to AAA as possible), normal weight basic gatefold, quality printed jacket 2xLP of everything. No Pic disc. No incorporated television. No lenticular cover (though I would forgive it if they worked it into an Aenima reissue). No wifi router. No nothing crazy. Just solid, true to format vinyl pressing that excels at reproducing the stereo master as beautifully as possible when the fuckin' needle touches down and drags through the basic ass grooves of the godforsaken LP. Can I get an Amen or just a plain old delivery on this?
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    I need my stupid shit, silly shit.
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    Dear Tommy? oh. nevermind. - me every time this thread is bumped for the past 3 years.
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    I’d expect this behavior in a Brand New thread. Or even that Vaporwave one. But never figured it’d come to pass in a TOOL thread. What the fuck?!?!
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    Yo. @JFC1549 just left me negative feedback for literal no reason. I have never sold to this individual. Can I get @jhuludin here to address this? Fuck this guy. Dont know shit about him.
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    BMW profile pic, famous NJ tag line, spends time in TOOL, KoRn, Slipknot, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden , et al threads. You're not sending redeeming vibes dude. I feel like I can picture you. He does have a cool story. It's more than anyone else has thus far.
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    I see what you did there.
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    In other news, who wants to bet they make us wait until 7 PM?
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    "Daddy, what was the wait between Tool records like?" "Not bad, but the thread on VC was locked the day of pre-orders after 13 years, so that kind of sucked."
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    I heard this in a Trump voice. Not a fan of you.
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    I’ll derail it a little more. You’re lame. I definitely feel like I can picture you. Smell too. It’s not a good smell. Anyways one minute to go that’s pre cool
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    It's a split https://fatwreck.com/blogs/news/tbr-human-robots-news-story Hello all! When Teenage Bottlerocket was at the Blasting Room working on “Stay Rad,” my son Milo came to the studio and recorded two songs with his band Human Robots. It wasn’t hard getting his band together, because Milo plays all the instruments and sings on the two songs he wrote. I guess it’s a one-man band (yes, he has no friends). His songs turned out great, and we somehow convinced Fat Wreck Chords to release a split 7” featuring the TBR songs “Olivia Goes to Bolivia” and “Everything To Me,” as well as the Human Robots songs “Step On Em All” and “I Want to Hang Out With You.” Chris Shary did the artwork, and it all turned out great. This is the best split since Taco Bell teamed up with KFC! I love sharing this rock n roll life with my son, Milo. Look out world; Human Robots are stoked to shred and ready to party!
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    I want the new tool album to mine cryptocurrency for me.
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    Yeah I do. We only have Staples around here.
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    Go to Office Depot. Then go to the record store and buy normal as fuck yet high quality Tool vinyl. Don't you wish you could?
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    You are right, I'm just eager to know. I also know I'm not drinking tonight. I don't want to wake up tomorrow with one of everything.
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    While we wait for any and all preorder links, read this. Pretty amusing and I can relate to the uncertainty that is new TOOL music and album. https://www.esquire.com/entertainment/music/amp28610128/tool-band-new-album-fear-inoculum-should-never-be-released/
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    For sure. Someone pointed out that you can “fold” the logo in half to create a syringe, and that’s cool or whatever... but at what cost? I stand pretty firmly by my Geocities / Angelfire comparison from the other day. Part of me hopes there’ll be a chintzy visitor counter on the pre-order page or at least a guestbook we can all sign after we place an order.
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    Frakkur was the artist name Jónsi used for his experiments in electronic music. Working on his own, either at home in Reykjavík, in hotel rooms on tour with Sigur Rós, or later at his boyfriend’s house in Boston, Jónsi spent endless hours diving into then-new bits of kit and programming, having fun and seeing how far he could push things. The legacy is three collections of work totalling 25 tracks collated into one triple album - each made a year or so apart, under slightly different circumstances and with different equipment. The oldest, 2000-2001, was made on Jónsi’s first PC laptop, named The Tank for its unwieldy size. The second, 2002-2003, was made in his small flat in the middle of Reykjavík, where he set up his first home studio in a cupboard, so that it could be packed away at night. The final part of the Frakkur trilogy, 2003-2004, was made in Cambridge, Mass. in breaks of Sigur Rós touring. His partner, Alex Somers, had by then introduced Jónsi to the programme Logic, and this he coupled with a Yamaha VSS-30 toy keyboard to sample his voice in what he describes as a spontaneous and exciting process. 3xLP on coloured vinyl https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/frakkur/frakkur-2000-2004 EDIT: Looks like this actually came out in April in some places but might have been hard to get hold of, being released wider in the UK in Sept so I'll leave it up for anyone whose interested!
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    Saw this elsewhere...gave me a chuckle
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    Where I was when Aenima came out was approximately 8 billion years old. I, on the other hand, was 9. Not sure why my age has anything to do with your attitude. I'm going to not derail the thread beyond this, fyi
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    Fear Inoculum single stream tomorrow morning https://www.radio.com/music/rock/world-premiere-tool-return-with-fear-inoculum
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    Good Stuff for Sale

    Gazer rocks. Just got my LPs in. Very happy about my purchase. Hey, thanks!
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    PO: Off With Their Heads- Be Good

    Got a shipping notification and refund. This and the new Strung Out are on their way this week, gonna be a loud weekend
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    The Official 'Vinyl Me, Please' thread.

    Great album. Just emailed them. Hopefully this gets done as that indie exclusive is very difficult to find at retail.
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    Lol don't be an idiot. You have to watch your vinyl spin through a 4" display while listening to the output processed through an iphone mic fed into a 2 watt speaker.
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    I could go for a new one.
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    PO: BARONESS - All Sales Are Final!

    I'll try to remember and shoot you a PM once I get home from work.
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    This guy is a tool.
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    That's how I understood it. Like they give us a day to see all our options and deliberate about the atrociously priced deluxe shit and then we get to make our decision on what combination of shit we're going to buy when the items are purchasable.
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    Sorry to let you down! I do have many others that are probably up your alley! staying in the same area. Just found a place with a bit more room. Who knew infants take up so much room for being so small... also thanks for the offers and messages thus far. Keep em coming!
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    Agreed on all fronts. I don’t own anything like that - holographic, LED-display, or otherwise - but I’m not a big enough Tool fan to drop $500 on wax for them.
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    gimme that screen thing LP size I’ll pay whatever
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    Yeah supposedly it's this https://www.videoplusprint.com/video-marketing-brochure.html
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    Finally getting around to listening to this album and Pete's Hill just came on. I was fully expecting some sports bar shit later on.
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    In for 90s trance Tool.
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    PO: Stick To Your Guns - True View

    Friendly bump because I’ll be hitting the Richmond show tomorrow. If anyone wants anything (this or otherwise - I know at least Sanction has a tour exclusive) I’d be happy to help out.
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    This is their masterpiece
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    PO: Creed- Human Clay

    I'm not gonna be happy until I can hang this in a record frame like the art it is.
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    PO: Creed- Human Clay

    Someone wake me up when “my own prison” gets pressed
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    faaip de oiad

    PO: Creed- Human Clay

    Don't let @satan know
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    Orange Grapes

    PO: Creed- Human Clay

    The judges would have accepted “nookie” here.
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    Friday, August 9 - preorders will go live for the limited vinyl, as well as other ephemera. A few people have asked me about other plans and yes, there is another album that is almost fully written that will be recorded soon. Additionally - West Coast tour dates 2019 are forthcoming shortly as well. Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday.
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    Honestly, MOV needs to step their game up! This needs to be blood-splattered, my ninjas.
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    Blink-182 "Nine"

    These threads hurt my brain. I'm foolishly still following on page 7 waiting for a semi rare-ish variant to pop up. This happens every time. I guess the jokes on me for coming back.
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