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    My father grew up on a merchant ship that sailed up and down the African coast. They would pull into the harbor, the crew of as little as six and as many as twelve, and display their textiles, jewelry, and some fresh-water scallops, red crabs, and tuna (whatever they could catch that season) for the locals. Some buyers would bargain their wool blankets, others would bargain their red crabs. There were buyers who would bargain for both. Once a man bargained for my dad's Piccadilly pin, which he used to wear on his coat as a memento from his early days of busking in the circus's alleyways and stoops. What they all had in common was that they bargained their supplies. There is a long-standing history of bargaining your belongings and, with that tradition, comes rules. They used to call them 'the skips & saddles'. Nowadays, we call them 'the terms & conditions'. My father woke up early on the days the ship would dock and would press a brick of charcoal to wood, as his main skill was the writing arts, and draw the prices for all the items. He set the prices at 500% their value and, when the sun rose, the locals would bargain their wares back down to 100% of their value. Everyone knew their part in the bargain.
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    Gold jacket, green jacket, who gives a shit?
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    i'm srunk! 1,000th post!
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    Shitty Rambo

    ETR Superfans

    So is this what we're doing now? Just ripping Ross's ass for the sake of it? It was one thing when the community was discussing his past indiscretions, it's another when everyone rallys up to rip his ass cause ROFLMAONADE. I'm not making an excuse for any prior issues, but I think a lot of us here are better than this.Forgot it. Just please don't use this as a gathering point to attack his IG/FB profiles.
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    I am going to end up ordering both of these and i'll just have to go without food for a week. The black parade came out so pretty and the three cheers one is great too and i'm really happy they went with the original artwork for the album since i already have the original pressing of it and i've always thought the revenge cover was ugly.
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    Lol at $10 shipping. Do labels/bands not think to themselves "Wow, $10 for shipping sounds a little much. Maybe we should look into it!" Easy pass for me. I've really put a stop to vinyl orders over $30 lately. Unless it's super cool and a 2xlp I have a hard time paying over $25. It's a good thing though because I end up not buying something I wouldn't listen to in the first place. Like this
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    Video game OSTs

    this thread isnt just for one guys releases, its for videogame OST's in general. locking it would be counter-productive.
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    ETR Superfans

    Approving a picture disc test press must kind of be like eating taco bell. It's going to result in shit no matter what.
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    MAN ADVICE v2.0

    To each their own. I find ya'lls stories rather entertaining, but I would never share any of my own personal experiences. Mostly because they aren't interesting anyway.
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    PO:: PVRIS - White Noise (NOV 4)

    i tweeted back at him with a picture of lynn lol
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    hate that they didn't go for the original pressing artwork on this.
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    That's not a terrible price on that, but still high, especially for a vg copy. I've also seen that record so many times at Goodwill/Salvation Army and passed on it that I think anyone who pays that much for it is insane. There also wasn't a 1974 pressing that I know of. US presses were in 1971 and 1977, then some more after that. So...your info doesn't seem to be correct.
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    just a normal guy kevin


    Sweet WIX page.
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    SpaceLab9 thread

    Smoke monster variant.
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    Tom Petty Wildflowers 180 Gram?

    Why are you assuming that this is being done by someone else. No info exists of that this is a record that came out when vinyl was dead and thus is pretty limited causing the price tag if you want it buy it.
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    5 left in stock...didnt even realize they are personalizing etching on the lead out groove!! that rules
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    HELP! Sharpie on vinyl

    Grabs popcorn
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    6131 2011 vinyl subscription

    douchebag must be your branded scent
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    6131 2011 vinyl subscription

    Now it's "shipping soon." Joey said he's sending out an email this week. This Twitter is a great way to keep up with people that owe you shit.
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    Same, dropped out of highschool to go to college (yeah, figure that one out )
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    Thanks. Rev has the release date as Oct 8 so maybe we'll get ours soon. Either way it's like fucking pulling teeth trying to get an update from 6131 or No Sleep.
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