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    Here's the best part of it, guys. You'll actually enjoy this. Being the baby dicked vulture that stl_ben is, the Mondo thread is one – if not the – bloated carcass that he circles over on a daily basis. This is his home. His domain. He's not going anywhere. In an effort to convince us that we haven't truly gotten under his skin, he's pretending as though he's unable to read any of these posts. While he may have truthfully blocked a few of us, this is mostly to stimulate a false sense of pride: he would love us to believe that he's not actually clicking "Show Post Anyway" on each and every response. And he wants nothing more than for us to believe that none of this is phasing him. But let's be honest for a moment. You're not going to run the risk of tuning out every gape post in this thread... because, well, what happens when one of those jokers posts a hot link to a limited Mondo exclusive? A rare restock? Let's face it; strap-ons aren't cheap and the finest lubricant does not pay for itself. If you were a sleazy blob of a man who's manhandled by your wife, would you eat all the costs of that, out of your own pocket? Hell no. You would offset those expenses by hawking Lego figurines from Comicon, wouldn't you? You're a family man after all – you're going to jump at every chance you can get to ensure that your better half has the finest beads to ram into your asshole, because at the end of the day you really do want what's best for her. And that means eying this thread like a hawk. Sure, there's a lot of anus talk. Yeah, it's redundantly revealed that no one likes you. Hell, someone may even imply that you're a pedophile now and then. But at the end of the day, that online harassment is worth it if it means you can score a Katamari record to flip in 2 months. How could it not be? You're fooling no one, Benny boy. Enjoy "not reading" this one.
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    I don't find the need to apologize to anyone for posting a few movie titles with the word "gape" in them. This thread has been trash for a while and the OP (my man Buzzerson) has even acknowledged this with his ingenious titles. For years now, HE WHO CANNOT BE NAMED has intentionally stirred the pot in a variety of threads. If a few folks want to have a little fun at his expense, I don't see anything wrong with it.
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    If you still cry when you gape you’re not doing it enough.
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    I just gaped so hard I cried
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    So...I know Ben is a flipper and kind of annoying sometimes, but I have to say you guys are taking this to a level that is even more annoying than he is. I'm sorry there isn't some Curious George OST that smells like bananas coming out for you to talk about, but you're acting like a bunch of eight year olds. You're better than this. Grow up. You're destroying your own thread.
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    Literally no one is making rape jokes, what the fuck?
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    Keep that shit in the Mondo thread.
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    Nah you're right. There's a gaping hole where Mondo talk used to be. But that's just because we're really deep in the jokes right now. It'll come full circle soon enough. Just hang tight. But just so you know, you can have a hand in adding to the fun. We're all wide open to more jokes.
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    SHIRT SALE! $10 shirts

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    Morricone's My Dear Killer is out today on Death Waltz. I'll be having that. (insert vid of Foghorn Leghorn singing Gapetown Races)
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    Limited to 69, dudes?
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    Just got shipping notification from Glassjaw webstore and bullmoose, woop woop!
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    VIP variant for upcoming tour
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    Tom Waits back catalogue

    All on clear in US https://www.kingsroadmerch.com/tom-waits/
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    Good to see this thread has gotten back on track.
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    I gagged a little at the thought of banana scented vinyl...then I remembered Jack Johnson did the Curious George soundtrack and almost puked.
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    1500 according to Bullmoose.
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    VC Fantasy Baseball League

    On a sidenote, can you activate the chat on the Yahoo app? Coukd be easier to get quick responses using that.
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    FarCry 5 is pretty damn sick. Could easily take place in my backyard, as I live in southern Indiana and am surrounding by conservative Christian maniacs. The lady and I just watched Waco earlier this month (highly recommend it) so the similiarites are quite noticeable.
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    VC Official Pro Wrestling Thread

    Glad to know I wasn't the only one incredibly disappointed with the English commentary. I love JR, absolute legend, but he shouldn't call any matches outside of the WWE anymore. Josh Barnett was terrible. I'd like to think he could improve with more experience, but I'm not sure. There were moments when he was doing really well, and then he'd just flounder. Idk where Don Callis was, but he needs to be the lead English commentator for NJPW.
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    hopefully I'll get this in the next few days then!
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    PO: Kamaal Williams - The Return

    I hope we get something soon from Yussef Dayes new outfit. I've read good things here and there about their shows.
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    I’m really over this “spend $100 to get rarer variant” thing.
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    You guys get the email signup for Fortnite on iOS?
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