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    Hello all, So my wife and I recently got a puppy. He rules but as I am sure many of you know the upfront cost when you don't have one is quite large. He is as good of an excuse as any to go through the collection and pull some stuff to sell to recoup those costs. Shipping is an additional $4. US ONLY PLEASE. Seller covers paypal fees. If you buy over $50 worth of stuff I will cover shipping. First couple orders will get some extra goodies included for free. Please buy at least $10 worth of stuff, I am not rolling in mailers currently. Have any questions please ask. All items are in VG+ or better unless otherwise noted. $5 7" Carrier: No Love Can Save Me (Purple) Conor Oberst: Hundreds Of Ways/ Fast Friends (RSD SEALED) Conor Oberst/ Dawes: Million Dollar Bill/ Easy/ Lucky/ Free (RSD SEALED) Converge: Live at The BBC (Green) Converge: Live At The BBC (Pink) Hurl: Madison Earful/ Dual Showman Locust/ Arab On Radar: Split (White) Love/ Rush: 7 and 7 Is (RSD) Masonna: Masonanie Viva Los Angeles (Green) *If You Like Noise You Will Love This! Mayer Hawthorne & Shintaro Sakamoto: In A Phantom Mood (RSD SEALED) NOFX: Ronnie & Mags SOLD NOFX: THE PMRC Can Suck On This NOFX/ The Spits: Split SOLD NOFX: Cokie The Clown SOLD Poison Idea/ Pantera: The Badge (Purple RSD) SOLD Throw Ups: Melancholy Girlhold Box Various: Dark Thoughts- A Tribute To C.O.C. (Purple) * Features Municipal Waste Cover SOLD 12" ...But Alive: Bis Jetzt Ging Alles Gut Andrew Wk: Party Til You Puke At Jennie Richie: Rectums Merging Axoltol, D Yellow Swans & Gerritt: Untitled (Red) Cacaw: S/T (Vomit Colored Vinyl) Carpenter Ant: I Still Have The Drive (Members of Pissed Jeans) SOLD Elder: Reflect Icon Gallery: S/T Jimmy Smith: Open House SOLD Jimmy Smith: Organ Grinder Swing SOLD Olof Arnalds: Sudden Elevation (Sealed) Pit Er Pat: Pyramids Rain Machine: S/T (Kyp Malone of TV On The Radio) Tragedy: Self Titled (Skull Releases Pressing) SOLD Wax Museums: S/T $10 12" 7 Days of Funk: S/T (Dam Funk & Snoop Dogg Collaboration) Bill Callahan: Have Fun With God Braid: No Coast (Baby Blue) Dan Deacon: Bromst Future Of The Left: The Plot Against Common Sense Grinderman: Evil (Red) SOLD Have Heart: The Things We Carry (Clear) Hurl: We Are Quiet In This Room Jawbreaker: Bivouac (Cover has tear in the front, this is how it was when i received it. I can send pictures if you desire) Morton Subotnick: Silver Apples Of The Moon (Great Moog!) SOLD Orange Juice: Texas Fever Pavement: Watery, Domestic Pink Floyd: Dark Side Of The Moon SOLD Radiohead: I Might Be Wrong SOLD Savages: Silence Yourself The Spies: The Battle Of Bosworth Terrace Unrest: Fuck Pussy Galore Various: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World (Red) $15 12" Aphex Twin: Syro SOLD Dead Man's Bones: S/T Hurl: A Place Called Today James Brown: In A Jungle Groove Jawbreaker: Bivouac OG Press (Cover has tear in the front, this is how it was when i received it. I can send pictures if you desire) The Knife: S/T The Knife: Shaking The Habitual Microphones: Song Islands Microphones: Don't Wake Me Up Microphones: It Was Hot, We Stayed In The Water SOLD Mineral: EndSerenading Mount Eeire: Songs Island Volume 2 Ty Segall: Gemini PS: Here is a picture of the lil dude
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    RFC Cassette Shop

    Depends on what you mean by 'limited', but yes. Further Out and Jar are definitely happening.
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    It's funny how people call it flipping when they want it. If you went to goodwill, found some jazz albums, came home and realized one was worth alot and sold it...everyone would tell you what an amazing score and sell it was
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    oh come on. people keep saying shit like "good thing I don't listen to these bands" or "these bands suck anyways" but this isn't about avoiding something. It's not about you. That dude still sexually assaulted a girl and a bunch of other bands and influential people in the scene denied that it ever happened. This is about not supporting bands and labels filled with rape apologists and offenders. It's not about "oh thank god i don't like this music anyways, so I"m off the hook". You don't need to like the bands to understand why this is horrible and people need to stop making this about themselves by ignoring the situation and just commenting on their musical tastes. this isn't directed at you - a lot of people have been doing this and it's been irking me.
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    Not sure if this breaks the rules since it's not technically a band/full label collection but it was tough to get regardless. Dino DNA variant came in today so I have all 4 versions now.
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    I'm just saying that if desperate times call for desperate measures, I'm not selling my Underoath TOCS for the $15 I paid. Fuck that.
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    I'm hoping they'll surprise us with a David Bowie pic disc single.
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    Post Your Record Storage Area

    Nothing special. Probably gonna replace those A5's with Wharfedale Dentons with some stands, have a couple stacks of LPs hiding throughout the room I could put in those two cubes where the speakers are.
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    This may be the funniest post I've ever seen from you, and that's really saying something. 10/10
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    Orchid Tapes Club

    birdtapes v2.0
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    Idk, tl;dr, stfu lol rly?
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    Butcha's Meat Thread

    Ribeye is the only way to go. If it's not at least 20 ounces and 2 inches thick, you're doing it wrong.
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    In 2016 a thread will appear in the cassette collective board "a discussion about cassette flippers."
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    Sadly yeah... Shipped our first package to Canada last week and I had it listed as $10 but it ended up costing $13.45. Factor in paypal taking their chunk, the mailer, tape, etc and $15 covers everything. I hate how much it is... it's literally twice as much as the actual LP costs to ship it anywhere overseas and that's just an LP by itself. Yeah he was the assistant engineer attached to our 1 day at Q-Division. Great dude, awesome engineer, and all around fun person to hang out with in the studio! I believe it is /300 for the red and /250 for the black! And last but not least, a few brief words to chime in on this little discussion some people are having (by the way... I'm pretty glad to see that everyone who has chimed in are acting totally cool and actually discussing this as opposed to just trolling one another on the internet and acting like dicks!). Simply stated, we are a straight edge hardcore band. As has been mentioned, it is a pretty long running sub-sect of the hardcore scene and it in no way, shape, or form indicates that we feel we are better than anyone or that we want to belong to some popular, elitist subculture. @mellowtooth - You said this: "I tend to define myself (and my band) by the things we actually do, not the things we don't." and I get where you're coming from... but I'd implore you to switch your thinking on this in the following way. The viewpoint from which you're choosing to analyze 'straight edge' is coming from a negative spot. I am straight edge because I do choose to live a clean life, I do abstain from drinking and drugs, and I do try to have a positive impact on this world... note the "do" before each of those three things. They are all things I and my band mates do which, by your statement, is something we should have no problem defining our band by. From looking at it where you're standing and implying negative connotations and focusing on the things we "don't" do, you're completely missing where I'm coming from. (This is basically what user Fowty Dollaz pointed out already) I can totally understand why it's an easy thing to see it that way, because so much of the subculture IS that way. All of my best friends (other than the people in this band and a handful of other close friends around the country) all drink and choose to do whatever they want with their lives. That's their prerogative, not mine. Whatever floats your boat then go with that. I realize that being straight edge isn't for everyone and that's fine with me, but as it stands, it is an important aspect of my life and for the members of this band. Hopefully that makes sense? And last but not least to kind of return the question full circle, does it turn you off when bands tout themselves (and sing song after song about) as a full fledged, lets get hammered and never stop drinking kind of band? What about the numerous bands in the punk scene that fall into that category and specifically brand themselves, their merch, and their band image as being 100% in support of drinking alcohol or something similar (this is pretty prevalent in Boston, I believe)? Again, I'm not intending for this to come across as being some middle finger snarky retort but to continue the discussion. Thanks for everyone checking out the record and giving it a listen, we really appreciate it! Y'all rule and keep supporting music like you already do! <3
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    (Except leg day. Jesus skips leg day.)
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    Rumbleseat 7" question.

    Update .. The complete singles series
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    Today is finally the day. Only waitied like 3 years since this was first announced!
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    A discussion about record flippers

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    For example, the reason I have almost -500 on my profile is because back in the day, I bought a TDAGARIM red /666 copy for 80 bucks, thinking that another copy I ordered for face value didn't come through. Turns out, they both did. I then tried to unload my $80 one, what I paid, and I was labeled a flipper without any recourse or ability to justify myself and now whenever I post people insult me and call me a flipper. It's my money, I spent it, and it's my item at that point - the fact that people think they can tell me what I can sell it for is literally the most pretentious thing I've ever heard.
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    Great seller and a really nice guy! Help him out!!
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    Post Your Record Storage Area

    I like how clean that all looks with all of the white. That being said, that's probably the worst possible location for your sub...
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    MegaMan Best of 1-10 LP Hot Topic exclusive pic disc

    Pretty much. I would rather not give my money to Spacelab/Hot Topic/Travis anyway.
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    You could listen to it on Youtube at the same quality.
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    Post Your Record Storage Area

    you shouldn't keep your record on their sides ps you have a cool gravity defying room
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