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    I will say this, with all due respect to the the complainers, the album sounds REALLY good. Also, October to February isn't that bad for today's vinyl standards. Just trying to find the positives, ya'll. However, I'm cutting back on pre-orders from here on out.
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    Ugh. This really is a juniors forum.
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    For a bootleg label he gets a ton of press. That's a bad thing, actually, for a couple of reasons. First. because he could get a C&D, shutting him down. Second because it could limit what he can legally license in the future if IP holders don't appreciate what he's done. Also it gives people who have a problem with him fuel for their fire. This article may just get Ship to Shore more fired up. Love him or hate him, these are bootlegs, and generally lots of notice is a bad thing for any bootlegger. Personally I love his work, but it's still not licensed, so I don't go posting it all over. I just hope he's able to get licensing and lawyers soon, because I want to see him keep releasing albums
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    Hey VC, This site has done a lot for me. Given me info on pre-orders, given me info on artists to check out, given me friends for my Simpsons Tapped Out game....heh. I wanted to give back, and what better way than holding a Super Bowl Squares giveaway. If you aren't familiar with Squares, you get a square. There are 100 slots available and if you are interested in participating, then respond below. You will be given 2 Random Squares. So that means we need 50 people to enter. After everyone has entered, then numbers are drawn and then placed in the grey slots below. So for instance, if you have the Broncos 1 and Seahawks 0, then you would "win" if the score were Denver 21, Seattle 10. Prizes will be from my personal collection and awarded in the following manner: SEALED LP for the person who has the correct score after the 1st quarter SEALED LP for the person who has the correct score at Halftime SEALED LP for the person who has the correct score after the 3rd quarter SEALED LP for the person who has the correct Final Score BONUS: If someone is lucky enough to win multiple quarters, then they will get bonus items. (A list will be provided after the Super Bowl to the winners, to choose from) So just respond below and you'll be given a square. We need 50 people for this to work, I am sure we can do this!! Note: I'll be at a Super Bowl party on Sunday, so I won't be able to update this real-time until later that night. But I will have an updated bracket that you can print out and take with you to see how you do! Good luck! ENTRIES (Bracket 1--CLOSED): 1. Knifeparty 2. Skadaddy 3. Wasteland76 4. BossDJ26 5. Dapeebs 6. Youinreverse 7. Shenanigans 8. marc32137 9. Steviex2Shoes 10. Victimofadriveby 11. Crashfistfight 12. Trevorxramage 13. bgdesign 14. CVHX 15. Converge88 16. Yocaseycasey 17. Gutzonboglum 18. Ratbrain 19. Wildflange 20 ScottHeisel 21. Justin_Cole 22. Amnorth 23. NJpunkmusic 24. onlettingjoe 25. TheWindBlower 26. Burntwolf 27. Human Ton and Handy 28. Route36west1 29. Rynflnnry 30. Kess 31. Tvham 32. KSUWdboots 33. SSPECK 34. Whoshotthefrog 35. Oasisish 36. Nardes 37. King of the Gutters 38. Zuck 39. Dorfpimp 40. Bigseth 41. Ptothedo 42. RhoBearToe 43. Lovelesswrists 44. Lexicondevil 45. Aflycon 46. Crabwalker 47. ReffersonPowell 48. TheJesseB 49. Ian Rees 50. MaloneKW Link to spreadsheet with the numbers is here: http://www.filedropper.com/vcfbsquares Entries (Bracket 2--OPEN): 1. The Saint 2. Kramer73 3. LBCPunk 4. TheDannyChang 5. EyeWin8 6. Sapst16 7. Jetsfan4ever80 8. Brock309 9. JDTG 10. ChardeeMacDennis 11. SergeantScruffy 12. King Timberdodge 13. Chobble 14. Daftyler 15. Kidamnesiac 16. Montauk_123 17. hezagenius 18. Stxreeleyes 19. JerseyDave77 20. Lightningspike 21. Zacooper 22. Duff 23. Dutchflowers 24. Chasingbreakers 25. Regularstormy 26. ChriswithanF 27. Mostradamus 28. Dreamover 29. RyBread 30. Elnombre91 31. Carrowsmith89 32. TheFavoritePlay 33. Kylet 34. Seangj 35. Skidroje 36. AndrewB 37. castaway 38. tokimedo 39. Fredrico0012 40. Satansaurus 41. dandw12786 42. jos464 43. jimthehuman 44. VeronicaMars 45. Eskimonow27 46. AndyLikesCats 47. TellAllYourFriends 48. CoffeeXZombie 49. AbovetheEarth 50. Skinnywolf We had 60 people want in for bracket 2, so the following people had to be cut: Pastnpending--1 post Elvismcvegas--1 post HangtheDJ--1 post RockNSteady--1 post Patrick Barcuto--7 posts Saltedpork87--7 posts mushmouthbooze--12 posts Littlefusdawg--15 posts IRodeTenSpeed--20 posts Oldheadpunk--28 posts In the event that someone had fewer posts (e.g. Eskimonow27), then feedback rating was used as a tiebreaker. This may not be the most ideal situation, but this way, people who are actively involved in VC can have a chance to win. Here is the 2nd bracket (it is also on page 8):
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    WTB: The Life and Times

    Looking for The Life and Times stuff...
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    Really amazing and underrated record produced by Ryan Adams (who also plays guitar). The bonus material looks great too. http://indian.co.uk/shop/the-fine-art-of-self-destruction-album.html JESSE MALIN The Fine Art Of Self Destruction (Deluxe Reissue) ( One Little Indian ) Double Vinyl & CD Reissued with Bonus Disc of original demos & new sleeve notesOriginally released in 2002, Jesse Malin’s classic solo debut is to be reissued on 26th February as a limited run on double CD and Vinyl with new sleevenotes by The Gaslight Anthem’s Brian Fallon. The second disc adds 11 more tracks originally demoed for the record at Electric Lady studios, only 4 of which made it to the final version – which gives an insight into the quantity and quality of material to hand at the time.
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    Team Avatar

    NFL Discussion

    woo bet on +3.5 broncos and it paid out 400%! i need to stop gambling tho
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    NFL Discussion

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    Called it. This place fucking sucks.
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    Didn't win, but yeah broncos- totally worth the 5 bucks
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    What video games have you been playing?

    I'll give you Crash
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    An Autobiography was A+. Young Luck A+. Forgettable A+. After that I wanted Old Gray back. They posted a FB status something along the lines of "last year was quiet for us, this year will be much louder." Hoping for a return and some shows.
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    Maybe see if you can still open a paypal claim?
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    These commercials suck!
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    Wow, already got the payment from konk. Thanks a bunch! Great game so far!
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    Listened last night. Sounds great. Can't wait for the wax.
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    listening to this for the first time, this is sounding so good
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    This album is okay once you get past the first song. Okay is the key word.
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    Vector, that was supposed to be an up vote. I got Jimmy Dean fingers. My apologies.... Can someone even that out for me please.
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    Bumpy bump for a good dude
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    That cover gave me a headache. Absolutely terrible.
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    $12.99 USD + $6.00 shipping
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    Being 4 tracks shorter certainly wouldn't have hurt it. Could have done 4 tracks as an EP this past fall and then put out a 13 track LP.
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    Some ImportCDs bent corner stuff. Some reissues of older albums are mixed in with other sellers selling vintage copies so make sure you buy from ImportCDs, because I'm pretty sure they only sell new reissues. (+ $3.99 shipping) Ryan Adams - Gold $6.00 Arcade Fire - Reflektor $10.43 The Beach Boys - Concert $0.96 Belle and Sebastian - Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance (listed as the box set) $10.79 The Clash - Give 'Em Enough Rope $5.64 Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bayou Country $3.99 Leonard Cohen - Recent Songs $10.73 Devo - Now It Can Be Told $7.79 Eagles - On The Border $4.99 Joy Division - Closer $9.89 Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin II $9.12 Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin IV (deluxe) $14.73 Led Zeppelin - Presence $8.70 My Morning Jacket - The Waterfall $12.92 Nas - Illmatic XX $8.03 Pink Floyd - The Wall $24.85 Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon $15.50 Pink Floyd - Endless River $14.18 Paul Simon - Still Crazy After All These Years $3.74 Simon and Garfunkel - Bookends $9.49 Simon and Garfunkel - Brige Over Troubled Water $4.42 The Shins - Wincing the Night Away $6.90 Spoon - They Want My Soul $10.57 The Strokes - First Impressions of Earth $8.99 Taylor Swift - 1989 $8.39 The XX - Coexist (deluxe) $11.32
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    any word on how many of these deluxes there are?
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    New song is good. But wtf is up with all the prices. Between this and the deftones, damn. But here's the new single. https://youtu.be/lJDyHMuMgqE
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    yep, pre-ordering 6 versions is pretty pathetic.
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    There are also those who believe porn isn't a viable job for some reason. I get why someone would be against certain production companies but to be against porn 100% sounds biased to me.
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    Young Thug

    RX Bandits

    I'll take that as a yes
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    I've actually traced a lot of products back to their corporate owners and ceased buying them immediately. Fuck anything that puts money into Nestle's hands. It's honestly a really important thing to do.
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    Young Thug

    RX Bandits

    is this some indie band?
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    More dumb than the Eli play in your sig?? Hard to believe...
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    Late as hell with this, but Hidden Hospitals is damn good. I'm so incredibly hooked and I'm on the second song. I can't explain my love for this band, but as I'm typing this, the chorus is kicking my ass. Ugh, fuck yes. You don't expect those progressive parts from this band. The intro song "Pulp" was very chill and then you just get those random Progressive Rock vibes and fucking damn it. Found a new favorite band.
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    Great job going out of your way to try to offend someone!
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    Cleaning Your Records

    I really hope this is a joke.
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    Recent purchases

    Got my Asian Man Records subscription for September in the mail today!
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    Taking offers on this very limited (to 500) and rare first pressing of this record on colored vinyl. Send me offers!
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    Diiv - Is The Is Are, Coming Fall 2015

    you would think a flipper like you would know by now it's called a mock-up
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    You guys hear that Bowie died? I'm his biggest fan ever, can someone sell me a clear below cost?
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    Recent purchases

    Ugh why do people post the same thing in both the recent purchases and solid mail day threads?
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    right!? like this one dude called a hotdog a sandwich and I was like I'm never buying anything from you
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    i like it but this means the preview picture is a complete misrepresentation.
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    Yeah, release date is 4 and a half month from now. Fuck that shit.
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