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    PO: Thrice - Beggars Repress

    It was between this and a haircut. Luckily I have a hat.
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    Everyone, firstly we want to offer a sincere thank you everyone for their patronage, support and most of all their patience in this matter for which we also extend the sincerest of apologies. Regardless of the various tests we ran on the site through before going "live" the bottom line is we sorely underestimated the reliability of our server and certainly for that we assume full responsibility. Where do we go from here? As we have been doing so all day and will continue to do so into the late ours of the night we will be doing what can be done to stabilize the site but more importantly communicating with and ensuring that those who successfully placed orders are given confirmation that their orders did indeed come through so they rest easily. Furthermore, if there are refunds that need to be issued they will be attended to as well. So, in short EVERYONE will be contacted and have their issue rectified. Additionally, any messages to the Facebook page will be answered. Please understand that Spacelab9 is just two guys and we sincerely appreciate the fact that everyone invests their hard earned dollars into a record we are releasing. Heck, we are lifelong collectors ourselves so to reiterate we will be up all night rectifying every issue and addressing every customer personally. Moving forward we are upgrading to a significantly more resilient server. And until all the current issues are resolved the remaining green vinyl copies have been taken down off the site. Once resolved they shall go back up. Outside of improving the site, personally interacting with customers to confirm order receipt, refunding where applicable and informing fans via social media, message boards, etc. all we can offer is our sincerest apologies. I think everyone can be in agree that how the pre-sale unfolded to was neither ideal in the eyes of customers or us and we vow to make things right for everyone moving forward. When all is said and done, frustration aside when you hold this record in your hands and have it spinning on your turntable we are certain that frustration will turn to satisfaction.
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    Bieber Collective

    You can. It's his right leg that isn't visible.
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    i'm sick of the way you people don't appreciate brand new
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    keep an eye out for me !

    NEWS!!!!!!!!!! A local pawn broker just called me saying a couple have bought in a heap of records and for me to go have a look !!! All old records until I get 15 or so down the pile annnndddd.... my anthony green painted cover!!!!!! They have all their id so I hope police can see if they have the rest! Lucky the broker knew my situation cuz for around 50 records they gave them $1 per record...!!!!
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    You (especially you) guys are a bunch of bitches. What is the chance anyone will listen to this more than a couple times anyway?
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    shit people say that you can't stand

    Retarded and especially retard
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    FS: Jensen Turntable $50

    1. Grab this turntable 2. Throw it on a Sony AVR 3. Top it off with a pair of Bose speakers 4. ??? 5. Write a review using words like "Amazing", "Incredible", and "Blown Away"!
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    im listening to REO Speedwagon today
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    Why would they honor an order placed in error when they've been clear about the for sale time all along?
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    keep an eye out for me !

    UPDATE!!!! Sooooo it turns out the couple that tried to get rid of the anthony green record at the pawn shop was the son (and the sons mother as a 14 year old cant legally pawn stuff) of a tradie that was working at my place... the son had come to apparently help the dad do work over a couple of weeks... over those weeks the kid (about 14 yrs old) decided to start taking a few records each day... the mum or dad had "no idea" and anyways i will be getting the lot back!!!! The dad/tradie is embarrassed as all get out and has said he wont charge me labor on his part of the build just materials win - win!!! Thanks soo much for your support and well wishes guys!!!
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    Copeland - IXORA - NEW LP

    What a day to release a new album and preorder. http://www.thecopelandsite.com New song. Below you'll find various bundles with music, apparel, and collectibles. ALL of the physical items in the pre-order will be limited-run items (including "SPECIAL EDITION" and "DELUXE IXORA TWIN" CDs). That means when the pre-orders have sold out, they won't be offered again. For the first time in our career, we are making a record as an independent band. These pre-orders are essentially funding the project. The encouraging messages and requests for a new album never stopped after our farewell tour in 2010. We are extremely honored by this and hope you love what we create. Thank you in advance for your continued support. Aaron, Bryan, Jonathan, Stephen Preorder: http://thecopelandsite.squarespace.com/pre-order/ Tons of options - black (3000) white (3000) exclusive edition blue splatter vinyl (limited to 300) States/The Lulls in Traffic split 10" yellow vinyl (limited to 300) Also - "The IXORA TWIN EDITION is a double disc set. Disc one is an extended version of Ixora, with additional songs, interludes, and bonus tracks. Disc two is an alternate version of Ixora. Like a remix album it can be listened to on its own, but it can also be played in sync with disc one. So if you can scrounge up 2 CD players, press PLAY on both at the same time, you'll hear a quadraphonic version of Ixora."
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    MLB Discussion

    I subscribed to MLB At Bat this year, 20 bucks and you get Audio Gameday for free so you can listen to games on your phone/computer. Maybe that makes me old but I love listening to baseball. A lot of memories listening to games in the car with my dad growing up.
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    This exactly what is happening right now. And sincerely, thank you raynerho for taking an educated guess and informing the community it is greatly appreciated. We have been trying our best to bounce back here, and other message boards, social media to provide updates/answer general questions as well as emailing customers directly not to mention still deal with some technical back end stuff so it helps out greatly when folks such as yourself provide rational explanations to help alleviate the chaos. As far as how many successful orders there were we are not going to divulge numbers at this juncture however we will say that there were A LOT of orders that went through. Our paramount concern right now is taking care of those who have already invested their hard earned cash on this release, and once that is sorted through accordingly we shall let the remaining colored vinyl copies go live on the site albeit sans the technical difficulties this time around.
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    PO: Thrice - Beggars Repress

    i dont think this was a "think about" situation. this record rules.
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    As a long-time PJ fan since Ten came out, yes, I'm that old, I take issue with some of the shit said here. Look at any fan base of any band around here in VC and the same can be said about entitlement issues. Sure, a majority of them may bellyache and cry for not getting their precious vinyl, but so does every other damn band's fanbase here as is commonplace.
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    MLB Discussion

    Pretty embarrassing of the Brewer fans to give Braun a standing O. What did he do to deserve that? He lied, cheated, and tried to ruin an average joe's life to protect himself. Not saying you have to boo the dude for 5 minutes or hate the entire brew crew because of Braun, but that dbag doesn't deserve a standing ovation.
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    They should poke holes in all the zombie flesh copies so they're more realistic
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    I only went back five pages but all five were a worthwhile read.
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    i got a fucking job! new photography studio thats opening up i Austin. boom!
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    PO: Thrice - Beggars Repress

    Now about that Alchemy repress....
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    Don't confuse the # of watchers for the number of interested buyers. A lot of people will watch items on ebay just to see if/when they sell so they know what they might be able to get for it.
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    I'm sorry it has to be said: through THro͞o preposition & adverb preposition: through; adverb: through moving in one side and out of the other side of (an opening, channel, or location). "stepping boldly through the doorway" continuing in time toward completion of (a process or period). "he showed up halfway through the second act" thru THro͞o preposition, adverb, & adjective preposition: thru; adverb: thru; adjective: thru informal spelling of through. threw THro͞o past of throw.
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    I just picture the spacelab kid curled up in a fetal position in the corner of his room with his hands covering his ears repeating "it's gonna be okay..."
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    Copeland - IXORA - NEW LP

    This. I love Copeland, but I fucking hate that $20-$30 has become acceptable for an LP. 6300 copies of this are not going to sell out for a long time. Hope to grab this on clearance at Best Buy or SRC someday.
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    i find it funny that theres no actual vinyl in this photo......
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    PO: Thrice - Identity Crisis repress?

    We were told stampers broke and we should have them ship to us in the next day or two.
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    Copeland - IXORA - NEW LP

    i'm gonna wait a long time to order this. 6000 copies is insane.
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    Copeland - IXORA - NEW LP

    Please say this is the first time a band's released a pre-order cardigan.
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    Bieber Collective

    the danger there, I feel, is that people love Shaq so much that these boards would probably convert into full time Shaq/Shaq-fu discussions.
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    Here's the deal OP, you obviously have an amount in mind. You could have just said "X amount or best offer," I imagine you did in fact receive offers that you deemed silly, but when sincere offers. In your defense, a lot of these comments are ridiculous and you're right, these boards shouldn't be a haven for mediocrity 24/7. I'm going to lock this thread, and if you decide that you want to sell your tape for a ballparked cost than please make another thread (or post it on eBay and add a link to the sticky). Should you choose the former and still catch flak from repeat knuckleheads please report them, nobody is in the mood for their crap anymore.
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    keep an eye out for me !

    Been following this thread. OP, you seem like a good dude and I'm glad this has worked out for you. I guess this should be a lesson to all of us.
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    So, crappy pano photo, but I just finished a massive reorganization. My better half and I bought a house recently and I had a lot of my stuff stored at my parents house (six hours away) for the past year. Finally got it all to Nashville! 7"s live in the custom boxes to the right, TT and preamp next to that, and DVD's and CD's in binders in the shelf under that. Turned out pretty well
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    FS Brand New 2001 DEMO & T-shirt

    Except you turned down reasonable offers already, are brand new here and acting like we owe YOU something. You arent offering anything that rare these days and trying to get top dollar from group of people who give each other breaks. Fuck off with your "this is ebay with no reserve" attitude.
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    I'm going to offer $1 because if I don't do it someone else will.
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    Fest 13

    Will you twerk your nono parts on the back of my neck this year bby
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    Holy caps lock batman.
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    Finally figured it out. I had to stand up on one leg in front of my computer, balance the keyboard on my head, use my left hand to click on accept terms & conditions, say the alphabet backwards on hit the enter button exactly 7 times and it let me check out.
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    There was no offense. Honestly. I wanted to balance it. She's a special person but I wouldn't doubt if her singular focus might come off as weird to some. Have I ever told people on here how much I love Chimpanzees?
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    The Walking Dead

    was pretty satisfied with the finale. the rick bite was one of the best moments of the entire series in my opinion. i appreciate the subtlety of some of the things the show is doing now - rick talking about the trap earlier in the episode and then the group being herded to the train in a similar fashion, the ever-so quick shot of the human remains that would be easy to miss, etc.
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    Storage Help

    how is offering what is a potentially good idea stupid? cause i searched for storage ideas to get ideas for myself but found this instead so i figured i'd offer up what i use.
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    post your set-up thread

    upgrade that tree branch while you're at it. it's killing your sound.
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