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    I don't know when the release date is which is why I have held off for over a year now in announcing it. Probably late summer or early fall. Tests have been approved, that's all I know right now. 1500 copies split between 3 variants: /300, /500, /700. Shipping will not be $10. You'll be able to walk away with a copy of this record for less than $25 shipped. Wish it was cheaper but Universal sets the price, not me. T&N has nothing to do with this, it won't be in their store. They don't even own their own releases anymore. When they press one of their own titles on vinyl they are paying Universal to license it.
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    Kendrick Lamar - untitled unmastered.

    Dropped the ball? Est ship date got bumped from 5/27 to 6/6. You guys clearly haven't been broken in like us Dine Alone folk
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    Sooooo many middle-aged dad rocker dudes are bummed right now that they have to give money to Bernie to keep their Sonic Youth collection complete. Just picturing that has made my afternoon.
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    Will wait for the Donald Trump/Eagles of Death Metal flexi.
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    Thanks to @SuperBuckeye30 for hooking me up with the light blue variant of American Candy, I now have a full Maine collection!
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    I guess I'm a giant pussy then because I friggen hate seam splits.
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    No white vinyl. Three different colorways. Will include a printed innersleeve. Will come shrinkwrapped.
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    didn't turn anything up via search - figured some people would be interested - http://www.rustedwave.com/product/wet-hot-american-summer-original-music-from-the-motion-picture PRE-ORDER! WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER - ORIGINAL MUSIC FROM THE MOTION PICTURE $26.99 On Sale Finally! Fifteen years in the making! The original music from Wet Hot American Summer is now available on vinyl! The original score by Theodore Shapiro and Craig Wedren, plus original tunes by Peter Salett, Craig Wedren and Mr. Blue & Chubb Rock. Deluxe gatefold edition to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the film. Includes digital download of the album. Digital album will also be available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify. More details to come. Pre-order your copy today! Orders ship in July.
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    Off topic but I'm 'thirding' the recommendation of Primer, awesome movie made for under $7000 bucks. Also for those who have watched it... this makes my head hurt (it's the timeline explained): https://i.imgur.com/VACTBSE.jpg
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    As frustratingly dumb as I find the whole "Drumpf" thing, I have to say it is a little dizzying to see real people use Trump's nicknames. They're literally 5th grade bully-caliber names, and the fact that he puts phrases like "Crooked Hillary" and "Lyin' Ted" in official press releases and speeches would theoretically, amongst a reasonably sane voting public, be enough to sink him. I mean, 12 years ago a candidate lost the public because he got too excited at a campaign stop.
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    Overwatch thread

    I am number 32 ranked DVA on psn according to overwatchtracker.com lmao. Not at all accurate because it doesnt track stats til you plug your name in but there you go. Weeabae4lyfe
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    various download codes

    The Hotelier - Goodness 24q2-k978 bandcamp.com/yum
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    I can actually pronounce most of those song titles. Cool!
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    FYI I just called their order line (877-MUSIC77) and they cancelled my order (credit card) no problem. The rep initially said she thought it was not cancellable but then backed down after I asked why.
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    Wait, you're criticizing someone else's post for not giving specifics and then you're going to answer with "they'll get over it" and ""they deserve to be pissed off"?
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    Complete TAS variant collection. I've slowly been putting these photos up on my IG throughout the past couple of weeks - figured I'd throw them up on here now that I'm done. Enjoy! IG: _ricknajera When Angels Shed Their Wings *Black (113/113) *Green (/500) 3750 *Black (/800) *Clear (174/199) The Dead Walk *Piggy Pink (/1000) Continent *Black (/800) *Opaque Red (/100) *Transparent Green (/100) Wormwood *Black (/500) *Silver (/100) *White (/100) *Clear (/100) *Transparent Blue (/100) *Transparent Red (/100) Death Is The Only Mortal *White (/1000) *Pink Marble (/1000) *Clear (/1000) Above/Below *Pink/Red Starburst (/100) *Red (/1000) *Brown (/600) *Green (/300) Coma Witch *Purple Marble (/2400) *Purple/White Starburst (/300) *Clear (/750) *Transparent Green Marble (/300) *Green/Black Starburst (/250)
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    my dra collection recently grew. http://
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    Someone needs to press Burial Plot Bidding War. Heeeaaaaddddsss wiillllll roooollllll
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    AMAZON U.S. Vinyl Deals & More Thread

    Felt - Felt 2 - A Tribute to Lisa Bonet Vinyl (4LP 10 Year Anniversary Edition) (2015 RSD) $17.99 + 3.99 NEW Otis Redding - Shake 7" EP (RSD Black Friday 2015) $2.99 + 3.99 NEW Bad Channels Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ( 2LP RSD 2015 Colored Vinyl) $9.00 + 3.99 NEW Orange Is the New Black Soundtrack (2015 RSD Colored Vinyl) $3.89 + 3.99 NEW Frank Zappa - Feeding the Monkeys At Ma Maison (RSD 2015 Color Vinyl) $7.99 + 3.99 NEW Ryan Adams - Jacksonville City Nights $7.69 + 3.99 USED-Like New The Weeknd - The Hills Remixes: 12" (RSD 2016) $3.59 + 3.99 USED-Like New John Coltrane - Blue Trail $5.42 + 3.99 USED-Like New The Shins - Oh, Inverted World $5.99 + 3.99 USED-Like New Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes $7.50 + 3.99 USED-Like New Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires Of The City $8.52 + 3.99 USED-Like New
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    What video games have you been playing?

    They made the vita my current favorite console to play on. If you enjoy the visual novel medium or have enjoyed games like Phoenix Wright I'd highly recommend them. Danganronpa 1: Trigger Happy Havok and Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair combined gave me about 70-75 hours of "playtime". The first one is more interactive novel than game but both have really amusing and engaging over the top characters with really charming design. The murder mysteries are actually pretty interesting too. It all just depends if you're alright with the experience of reading a story rather than playing an action or immediate reward type gaming experience. I'd also suggest playing with Japanese audio. There's a vocal supportive fanbase of the dub but in my opinion it alters the tone of many characters and the overall atmosphere in a negative way. In the original Japanese version the main villain is very cruelly indifferent but in the American dub he has what I consider a terrible over enunciated childlike voice that ruins the tone of the character for me. In general the English voices are much less suited for the characters and too childlike for me while the originals really push the subtleties of the characters, especially in the second game. And it really is just a very intricate story about these very well designed and written characters. In my perception the second games cast each embody various mental and physical illnesses and impairments and the core of the story is how they manage them and how it affects the way they interact with others. I'd definitely say try em.
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    Got my red/yellow split Losing Streak yesterday. Gnarly split on the spine and on the inner sleeve, but I ain't no pussy. Hopefully I can spin it tonight.
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    Sad Heart

    PO || SUMAC - What One Becomes

    This thing is like a piece of ice. I don't think I've ever seen such a clear record before. Spinning it now, and it sounds great. Had it at the wrong RPM at first and was like "whaaaa".
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    i have Peeping Tom, sold my Lovage but would def buy again.
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    PO now: Gates - Parallel Lives

    a lot more polished and more mellow than their previous stuff. I get all the same feels I got the first few times I listened to the Owel self-titled.
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    Finally!! Ordered about the quickest I have in recent memory for an album.
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    What video games have you been playing?

    DISCLAIMER: I found this link on reddit for those that get upset by that :eyeroll: I found it hilarious.
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    I think that tour press is uglier than the "smoke marble whatever the hell". I think after all this craziness I'm just sticking with my black. Maybe I'll call and see if I get it for free as mentioned before.
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    PO - Wet Hot American Summer - OST

    I have the 7", that's enough for me.
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    Gotta say I agree with all of this. As disappointed as I was with a few aspects of the CSN press, I'm super glad to have what may very well be my favorite album of all time on vinyl. And having another one of my top 15 favorites with Hell or High Water coming out is very important. I just really hope it's not on white and that some of those other details get sorted out!
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    Managed to buy a top want for about a 3rd of what it normally sells for. whew.
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    New Pre-Orders up at Castle Face

    Live in San Fran is up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amongst others.
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    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    Damn, I'm sorry to hear that.
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    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    One of very few soundtracks I'd buy
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    Looking for NOTHING "Suns and Lovers" (Any)

    Did you end up getting it??
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    Just read the Pitchfork review for kicks. This is my favorite part. Par for the course, Pitchfork. Bravo.
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    Glad trump can bring us all together.
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    Mixtape Trade Thread

    Really happy you guys enjoy them, and sorry again about the wait! Hope you guys can find some new artists to get into as well as some you're already fond of. Feel free to pm me to chat about any of the tracks you'd like to know more about!
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    I had a $15 CFUTF in my cart for like a month. I made a lot of bad choices
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    Did Gumbo just write a pitchfork review?
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    Kendrick Lamar - untitled unmastered.

    Get Top on the phone so we can cancel our intern-signed records.
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    WTS Mondo Monster squad vinyl

    I bet the value goes down, but it's your item to sell.
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    that is the way around every wall.
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    WTS Mondo Monster squad vinyl

    I am interested...in Frankenstein....at a reasonable price. It can be bought for $44 shipped on ebay or discogs, what makes yours more valuable?
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    That uh...that's not how the economy works...
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    So I included Ringo Deathstarr in my tweet the label, and the band responded saying they haven't been updated since January either. I then asked them if they could reach out to the label. See what happens. https://twitter.com/ShameSpirals/status/736500813388906496
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    You can't have said it here that many times. 8 posts and all. Also... LOL
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    Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow

    the song was literally written by Brandon about having a toothache and relating that to his relationships with women the video is just fucking stupid for the sake of stupidity which is something I love about the band
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    Ordered! Thanks poor Canadian dollar...
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    Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow

    Still looking for a deluxe or splatter if anyone has one up for grabs. GG.
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