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    Blink-182 - California (Out Now!)

    A gold copy just showed up at my house. I'm speechless. Number 18/182
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    [PO NOW ] Kendrick Lamar - DAMN.

    Coming soon to Discogs: "Jacket only, no record inside! Great condition!"
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    [PO NOW ] Kendrick Lamar - DAMN.

    They are shipping with an extra signed gatefold. (and a sealed non-signed record/gatefold)
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    It's ok. My main reaction to it remains "did we really need a DP new wave side project before new Glassjaw and/or Head Automatica?".
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    I think i have come to a point of acceptance about what PTM has become and probably will be from this point onwards. I can put this album and enjoy it as background music, it's got catchy stuff and it's not terrible. But it is not challenging me in anyway, musically it doesn't excite me. I wonder if they have the drive to make music that excites people anymore? However many albums in have they just got comfortable? When they make music now does Gourley still think back to his idols he spoke of in the blog post they made when they signed to Atlantic (http://www.altpress.com/news/entry/portugal._the_man_sign_to_atlantic)? I think they did the catchy pop style incredibly well on Satanic Satanist- and it is still one of my favourite records, and this new record is definitely a departure from their standard stuff. But the excitement is gone.
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    PO Now: Keane - Hopes and Fears RE

    Up at BullMoose: http://www.bullmoose.com/p/25162064/keane-hopes-fears-limited-to-1500-copies-gatefold-2017-edition Assuming it's the same as the Amazon copy linked earlier in the thread (gatefold, 180g, x/1500).
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    Panopticon: Kentucky Re-Press

    I'm about half way through the B-side right now and it the pressing sounds real good. Release is all around well done.
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    Wow, jumping to conclusions. Would never has guessed that with some of the people on this board. The whole point of Vinyl Me, Please is to get into stuff you wouldn't normally catch so I'm doing just that. The brief descriptions of what I read compare them to My Bloody Valentine, which is a band I enjoy immensely. That coupled with some buzz and excitement is all I needed to pull the trigger. Plus it just looks like a cool release. Some of you make it sound like you've never bought music based on a recommendation....get over yourselves.
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    HMV Vinyl Week 2017

    @Sasan got them both. Drop me a message. X Also @Stress On The Sky chill, got up early today and there's zero lines and zero demand for any of this.
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    I had these a couple years ago, I burned my house. They were gone.
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    I believe the "that's not gonna happen" was likely implying that the shipping charges would make them unwilling to order from US UO. Hence the follow up of whether or not the Euro UO stores ever get exclusives.
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    Happy to see these much-sought-after releases are getting what appears to be standard and deluxe reissues. From the official Passion Pit twitter feed:
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    Hi, First time seller here. I wanted to give this a go before I went the whole ebay route. I grabbed most prices off of Discogs. Let me know if you want info on anything or want to throw me an offer. Just trying to make some room. These records are not in brand new condition by any means and have been played but have been take care of as well. If you would like pics before making a decision, let me know and I'll get them over to you. Prices do not include shipping but we can work that out. Thanks! Twenty One Pilots- the lc lp (ohio shaped) $50 Underoath- Desperate Time Desparate Measures 7 inch Picture $10 Underoath- Sunburnt 7 inch Picture $17 Manchester Orchestra- Every Stone 7 inch $10 Death Cab for Cutie- Atlantic 7 inch RSD $7 Manchester Orchestra- Altnation Sessions 7 inch $7 Brand New- The Devil & God White $55 Brand New- Daisy Black $20 Brand New- YFW Black $20 Brand New- Deja Entendu Black 2xlp $28 Brand New- 2016 Demos $15 Noah Gundersen- Family $17 Thrice- Identity Crisis Blue with Black Streaks? $25 Straylight Run- Straylight Run Grey Putty $20 Manchester Orchestra- Like a Virgin Losing a Child Yellow RP $50 Kevin Devine- Live at Looney Tunes Sky Blue, Red, Bone $40 Band of Horses- Everything All The Time $12 John Mayer Trio- Try! 2x lp $15 Frightened Rabbit- Pedestrians Verse $20 Underoath- They’re Only Chasing Safety Clear $55 (Bent corner, lower corner of jacket) Underoath- Disambiguation Gold $50 Underoath- The Changing of Times Trans Gold $35 Band of Horses- Cease to Begin $10 John Mayer- Continuum 2x Lp $25 Something Corporate- Leaving Through The Window Blue $85 The Chariot- One Wing Limited Ed. Pink $50 The Civil Wars- Unplugged $23 Bastille- Bad Blood $25 Kid Cudi- Man on the Moon 2x LP $10 Childish Gambino- Camp 2X lp $40 The Shins- Oh Inverted World $12 Coheed & Cambria- The Afterman; Descension/ big beige demos $30 Emery- You Were Never Alone $15 Noah Gundersen- Ledges 2x LP $18 Noah Gundersen- Carry the Ghost 2x LP Black/Gold $30 Thrice- Vheissu Brown Marble $55 (Bent Corner) Oh, Sleeper- Titan Project Red Marble $75 Protest the Hero- Kezia Red $75 Protest the Hero- Fortress Clear Splatter $60 Protest the Hero- Scurrilous Red, Orange, Green Splatter $60 Bad Books- Daytrotter Sessions $20 Thrice- To Be Everywhere is to be Nowhere $17
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    [PO NOW ] Kendrick Lamar - DAMN.

    Honestly those K's look better than I figured they would. UU was hilarious. Not sure if I understand why two jackets is a bad thing... sounds like jealousy
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    Comes with some posters (Lost River movie poster and the Billy/Bully/Rat/Bones/Dave one), a slipmat and a booklet with stills from the film. Each disc has its own sleeve and there's a slipcover that fits all three. Box is thick and sturdy, fits on my shelf with ease. I'm pretty pleased with the whole presentation.
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    PO Now: Portugal the Man - Woodstock

    It looks like Waiter and Church Mouth are getting repressed. Bull Moose shows the same release date for those as the Woodstock vinyl release.
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    HMV Vinyl Week 2017

    This has been my favourite non-event and looking forward to not getting hyped about it next year.
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    I cancelled my membership yesterday but was able to buy the record. Maybe cancellation doesn't take full effect until the next charge date.
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    Free shipping for like the next 30 minutes. Code: APPRECIATE
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    Change of Heart's "Smile" is getting its first pressing on vinyl courtesy of Label Obscura. Double LP on (unspecified) coloured vinyl, limited to 300 copies. CAD$22. Preorder here: https://labelobscura.bandcamp.com/album/smile
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    Yes, you're right, it's because of shipping charges and especially import charges. My country's customs are also super slow to process packages, so I prefer not to order anything from the US over the 22 euro-shipping-included exemption limit (which is a joke, because shipping is usually 10+ euros, and for records it's never less than 20 euros). Anyway, I've contacted UO and some vinyl exclusives are available in their EU site, I'll ask them about future releases. Thanks for the help, though!
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    You can go the Peter Griffin route, but replace fleas with bedbugs.. "There's only one thing to do - learn the language of the fleas, earn their trust, and breed with their women. And in time our differences will be forgotten." but for real.. I only ever had to deal with fleas which sucked. They went away when we treated our cats and had an exterminator spray the basement (where they came from at first).
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    I bought this Coral Fang LP from this "seller" on April 28th a nd have yet to receive the LP. hopefully he didn't sell this to anyone else and run with the money. Please beware of smellybeard
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    The Urban Outfitters variant will be online eventually. They ship internationally.
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    Not that this thread needed resurrection, but.... http://exclaim.ca/music/article/the_toronto_public_library_now_carries_vinyl_records
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    The fuck are you talking about there isn't any hype for this at all. Maybe he likes the people who are exciteds taste and figured it was a solid bet. It beats deciding to beg the board for deals after figuring out a preorder was sought after.
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    Yeah I got my copy of Ziggy Stardust and it looks/sounds fantastic.
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    One month from now: "Spun once, wasn't my thing, asking $90PPD"
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    Oh man, I freaking love that Sunny Day album.
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    Just blind bought A Sunny Day in Glasgow based on the excitement level here and some quickly read reviews. Hoping for the best!
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    Sounds mint! This 2012 RM has been considered the definitive source, even better than the MOFI.
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    I had these five bumps/marks on the back of my neck a few months ago. I was so scared it was something crazy like bed bugs. The bumps kept getting worse as the weekend progressed. Went to the doctor, and I was diagnosed with shingles at 36. Yay.
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    Missy Elliot's Supa Dupa Fly getting an exclusive this month, gonna need to pick that up before my subscription ends.
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    Eurodance Thread (Official)

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    CONVERGE - All We Love We Leave Behind

    jesus christ, shut the fuck up.
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    This makes me itchy just coming to this thread. Don't know what I expected.
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    Just got shipping confirmation for the Amazon listing this morning? Hmmm... Anyone else who ordered from Amazon getting confirmation?
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    I also finally got the media mail option. I had to create a new account with a different email because my password wasn't working and when I tried to recover with would send me an email saying, "Your new password is:" with nothing. Anyway, for those having trouble you may need to sign in first before adding anything to your cart or create a new account. I just want a chance to win that "Golden Ticket".
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    VMP Edition will be in the June store, Beige vinyl /500.
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    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    Getting a Switch on Tuesday. Can't wait to waste my entire summer playing Mario Kart and Zelda
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    Those Gallows records are probably never getting repressed unfortunately. But if I end up being wrong sometime down the line, I'll be very very excited. Frank Carter is a fucking enigma.
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    Apparently the 50 signed ones are just the pre-order and there will be a normal release. Apparently other Dears records (I would assume at least No Cities Left) are also in the works.
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    Grabbed one yesterday. Surprised these haven't sold out yet.
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    Quickly ordered. It clearly says limited to 50 copies . Very small pressing.
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    Paper Bag Records is releasing The Dears' "End Of A Hollywood Bedtime Story" on their brand new Paper Bag Vintage imprint. Never before pressed on vinyl, and limited to 50 signed copies (though I'm unsure if there will be more unsigned copies--would think a 50 copy total pressing isn't cost effective). http://shop.paperbagrecords.com/collections/vintage-collection/products/end-of-a-hollywood-bedtime-story CAD$32 shipped to the U.S.
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    More Hip albums coming in April. https://shop.musicvaultz.com/*/*/Essential-Vinyl-Bundle-Vol-2/5FLE0000000?lf=2e75b6db04458f633dd293018f8eab19 Just need Phantom Power and i'll be happy. That's my favourite one.
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