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    PO: Hellogoodbye - S'Only Natural

    Here's an artist's rendering of this set.
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    new Explosions in the Sky lp.
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    The Third Man Records Thread

    I know Sleep fans are probably stoners but Jesus Christ
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    Up https://fatwreck.com/products/stay-rad
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    Don't go they're
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    Kiss Your Wife Child Goodnight is even better.
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    PO: Hellogoodbye - S'Only Natural

    Got a reply from Forrest...he wasn't involved and is bummed about how they turned out. Said he'd make sure people get their money back. I'm not sure what he means by that, so I asked for clarification as to whether we should all just work with Alcopop to send them back or if we should hang on to them.
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    Wife Child is a sick band name.
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    Color variant will eventually show up again, or damaged copies will be offered for less on the site. It’s happened before. For the person that referred to a few records as “worth of wax”, you sound like a fucking narc. Go home, lay the badge down and kiss your wife child goodnight.
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    LEFTOVER COPIES FROM THE JANUARY GHOST OF A389 SHOWS VERY LIMITED SUPPLY / WILL NOT BE REPRESSED Integrity side features 3 covers while the Psywarfare Side features one epic mega-aural assault. TRACKLIST INTEGRITY: Bark At The Moon (Ozzy Osbourne) / Making Love With Devil (Zouo) / Night Of The Vampire (Roky Erickson) PSYWARFARE: Au Regal Des Voraces One-Time Pressing: Limited Edition of 300 Copies broken down as follows: 100x Halloween (Orange/Black Merge) 100x Hellstorm (Blue w/ Black Splatter) 100x Neon Eclipse (Orange Blob In Yellow) https://integvinyl.bigcartel.com/product/integrity-psywarfare-split-lp-ghost-of-a389-show-exclusive
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    PO: Hellogoodbye - S'Only Natural

    For not seeing anything this is incredibly accurate
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    I feel like this is the first opinion we’ve 100% agreed on in a while haha.
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    PO: Hellogoodbye - S'Only Natural

    Images: https://imgur.com/a/JMVFwKx
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    That’s how I found them too. Huge Built to Spill obessive and was going through the Up roster when I was a kid and found these guys. Got all the 12”s from Clay for $12 brand new, I think the 7”s were $3 and I got Valium Aggelein used for like $10 on Discogs. I’m a bit too nostaglic to sell the originals or else I would have cashed in.
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    Ah yes, THE HOBBY. I’ve been away from the board for a while and I guess the idea of spending hundreds on records that are being reissued has become a foreign idea to me. I’m heading up to Seattle to see Duster on Sunday in a few minutes and am spinning these before I leave. I usually listen to the CDs in my car so it has been a while since I have thrown the records on and they sound more solid than I remember.
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    Other than with NOFX, I can only remember the other one that was direct hit. But then again, I am no expert on this and am probably wrong.
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    Looks like color is still available as part of the tee shirt bundle. https://fatwreck.com/collections/vinyl/products/copy-of-stay-rad
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    not taking away from numero group, because literally everything they do is great, but the OG Up versions are really quite good. sound is terrific and the sleeves are nice. obviously less bells and whistles than numero will obviously do, but to say infinitely better seems like an indictment of the quality of the Up versions, which seems a bit hyperbolic. but maybe you just meant that as far as how well numero does on this stuff, and not as an idictment of the OGs.
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    My local just ordered me one for $25. Won't have it for a week or two though. At least I have the mp3s until then.
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    Yeah that looks dope. Just happy we were able to get this on vinyl. We tried to re-create some of the elements in hi-res based off the original art but it was just so bad. Oh well, live and learn!
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    Burst Apart is excellent, and Every Night my Teeth are Falling Out is one of my favorite songs for sure. Familiars is good but has a way different feel. I'd say you should give it a few more tries. Even if you only walk away with a real appreciation for a couple of songs, I feel confident you could find at least 2 or 3 that pique your interest. As a whole I agree that it's a more meandering/weaker offering than the SUPER-focused Hospice and the poppier Burst Apart. Undersea EP is great, and I think it's more similar to Pete Silberman's (lead singer of Antlers) solo stuff than Antlers' own albums. EDIT: I consider the albums earlier than Hospice to be akin to pre-OK Computer Radiohead stuff. I'm sure the albums have their merits, but if I sit down to listen to some Antlers I'm not reaching for Uprooted/Pablo Honey.
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    Fat rarely has different colors for their overseas stores. Sometimes they do but more often then not. It is more likely IF there is more then 1 variant it would be one for the bundle and one for the stand alone but again it is all a guessing game. I also go for both in the off chance there is more then 1 variant.
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    Usually don't know what it is until they start sending them out.
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    In Excelsis is anything but hard to listen to.
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    Didnt see the bundle? But thanks @Shitty Rambo for the heads up
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    In terms of this style of pop punk no one does it better then TBR IMO. Just simply do not write bad songs.
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    New TBR up now.
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    PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    I liked the “free” 7-inch with the two bonus songs. At least made the $8.99 shipping worth something. (What a 7-inch costs anyways.) If I wasn’t such a fan, I would have waited for Bull Moose, but that extra 7-inch with 2 non-lp songs made it worth it for me. Now watch him put out the “Big Colours” Psychedelic 7-inch box with 15 extra B-sides next.
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    I think $700 was (generously) feasible before the reissue. Unless a Duster completionist comes into a good chunk of money and decides to drop top dollar on VG+ OG copies, this boxset and widely available set of represses will tank aftermarket value. Knowing Numero I doubt there will be any real quality issues, so I’d personally take that trade if I were in his shoes. (But I’ve also never been one to obsess over a 1st press.)
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    sorry, i was being sarcastic. i definitely didnt take that ridiculous offer. and while i know i have $700 or so worth of vinyl in those 3 records, i am not looking for that much if someone wants to purchase all 3. would discount heavily. heads up to those who wanna be big OG press ballers.
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    You think $10 is too steep? You should try shipping the other direction... Now that's absurd!
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    Their entire discography needs to be pressed.
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    Athletics - BFRSD

    Rub your hands together Miyagi style to get your hands real hot & then it works pretty well
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    If you saw the charge on your CC that means your order went through, he got your money, and you'll get your record. Stop being dense.
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    Flenser Releases

    Really diggin' the ECW track. My kinda shoegazey fuzzed-out noise.
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    I thought everyone in wave 2 had already gotten theirs judging from the subreddit and posts here so I wasn't sure. I know the dude is busy and it's a one man operation, I don't care at all when I get this, that wasn't my concern, I just didn't know if my order went through and got passed up or not. Also he has another person, Jayne, who handles emails so it's not like he's stopping to email people.
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    I'd be more happy to see something like this.
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    PO: Hellogoodbye - S'Only Natural

    As someone who was just offered a 5% refund on $700 worth of trashed box sets (shipped with zero padding or protection, cases torn and ripped apart, records seem OK) from MusicVaultz AND told that they were doing me a favor by giving me a higher percentage than they normally offer, I'm of two minds. On one hand, that 20% refund is astronomically higher than MusicVaultz offers! What a deal! On the other, less sarcastic hand, we gotta send this stuff back and make the labels/companies eat that $$$. You can't do these kinds of things and have the consequence be slightly less of a decent profit. The consequence should be that you lose $$$ if you don't deliver what you advertise.
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    Return that ish.
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    Everyone gushing about SRC pressing quality clearly have not visited the Lydia / Illuminate thread.
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    I'm sorry you aren't hearing back from us. I sent a screen shot to the guy who oversees customer service and he was pretty concerned about this. The best way to ask questions is to email bu[email protected] but that ask a question button should work just fine. If you want to DM us an order number or your real name, we can look into what happened. You deserve an explanation if you want one. It also will help us make sure we don't miss or not respond to other people. We don't want to be the company that doesn't get back to people. Thanks
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    Started a vinyl only Instagram 3 days ago focussing on my ambient collection (approx. 500). So, if you are into Ambient, feel free to drop by and to follow me. ambient_vinyl_77
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