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    Still bums me out every time I see you trying to sell ACB for a profit. I hooked you up big time on that. Do the right thing.
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    Can someone request an IP match on those two accounts? I would but Rambo won't do it if I ask.
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    Also I did not know that street team members were classified as employees. If that's the case I worked for some pretty big labels and bands when I was in high school. Need to update my resume.
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    Brand New - TDAGARIM repress in 11/4

    Or he could do whatever the hell he wants since he bought them.
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    Emo Revival

    Oldies.com HUGE clearance

    If you wanna call tomorrow I can let you know what shipped and what didn't. This applies to anyone in this thread, but please don't all call at once haha. My extension when you call is 258. Edit: Or just shoot me a PM, but again I wont be able to do anything until tomorrow as today is a day off for me
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    She also has at least two holes, which is important for fastening.
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    Sellers Regret

    Everything I've ever sold to yocaseycasey.
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    Oldies.com HUGE clearance

    Called ten times for the board!
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    FYI. Seems to be two different IP addresses. Just checked. Still mind-numbing at how ignorant in internet & message board etiquette someone can be.
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    Did you open the box and make sure the Ipad is in there? and it's not a 7" of Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Ashley
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    i scratched in between my toes and then smelled my finger while reading this thread.
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    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Mike you TOTALLY nailed it! Instead of pictures I just took a dumb unboxing video so you could vicariously experience my *holiday spirit*. I say "stoked" and "A+" a lot and wow do I ramble but yeah. Also ignore me saying Mike sent me this in the video, I'm really dumb haha. https://www.dropbox.com/s/iuimhg8nxcn4c30/video-2013-11-14-17-20-25.mp4 I'm so goddamn happy I finally have The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place you have no idea man. That alone makes this! Also the download you gave me is taking forever but I'll let you know what I think as soon as it finishes. Awesome tunes in this dude! I already liked If These Trees Could Talk but hadn't got around to listening to Inkwell and Kevin Devine, really digging it! Oh also I just noticed the note in the download, honestly I didn't even notice the jacket was messed up until you said so, I've gotten things in the mail in FAR worse condition so by comparison this is practically pristine to me haha, no big deal!
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    Redroom should relinquish his extra red and make kess and agua fight to the death for it.
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    That just happened
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    Oldies.com HUGE clearance

    The fact that people are actually calling because one person had their order cancelled is ridiculous.
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    Oldies.com HUGE clearance

    Seriously, if everyone just chilled for like 3 days you'd all find out how your orders played out. I'm sure you all have other ways to occupy your time in the interim.
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    They're working their way through over a thousand orders... You guys really can't wait a few days to see what they're able to send you?
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    You know it's a different person because the font is different
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    Oldies.com HUGE clearance

    Which you can get on vinyl for $9.38 at Oldies.com: http://www.oldies.com/product-view/15310V.html
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    There was not 800 copies made (there was more, Im guessing 1000 by emails from the guy running this.) The guy that made the record owns 800 original copies of the white album, of those he choose 100 copies to make this mix. http://100whitealbums.tumblr.com/
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    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    Dont spend a bunch of money on any MCR vinyl
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    The Academy Is... - Almost Here

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    Oldies.com HUGE clearance

    People need to stop worrying about this. Wait a few days. You'll either get a shipping confirmation, refund or combination or both.
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    PO- Ty Segall- Gemini

    Agreed, and also don't be shitty and call everyone who's preordering a "carpetbagging profiteer". It's bullshit to think that since I'm on all of the forums and keep my ear to the ground for exclusive releases that it means I'm going to flip this record. It also looks like it doesn't matter if you keep your eyes peeled for exclusives because there is very little incentive anymore. Hey! We have a deluxe for all of you lucky enough to be one of the first 250 to order!!!....... oh and there's another 250 we didn't tell you about and an unlimited amount being repressed indefinitely. Because a few people flip records to people who missed out the first time around and are willing to pay stupid prices, everyone just gets unlimited black vinyl, but only after being told that it's exclusive and for real fans and blah blah blah. Wanna limit flipping? Put up a preorder. If you order now and pay now, you have until x date and you will get a first pressing limited edition. So if 2000 Ty Segall fans order this limited edition, which they have, let's say, a week to get their order in, then they get the first pressing on color out of how many people found out about it and preorderd. Every edition after that is standard black, for those who were under a rock for a week and missed out, for those who don't care or prefer black, and everyone in between . That way, it's technically limited, you were able to say "I was there and was able to get a special edition", it limits flipping because most people would have gotten one that wanted one, and an edition of 2000+ is a lot anyway. It also gives the labels working capital to get the records pressed. Seems like a win-win to me, though I like smaller editions because they're special, but whatever, I'm a collector. If labels put out an unlimited black edition, I definitely drag my feet on getting a copy. Sometimes I put it off so long that I'm over the record and just don't buy it at all, unless it pops up in a used bin. Like that Nobunny record... since they only made 100 on color (wtf?) and I missed out, and the record is only mediocre anyway, I probably won't buy one anytime soon. A missed opportunity for them, I would have grabbed one on color for sure. Oh wait, I should bitch to the label that they didn't make enough on color and demand they make more because all 100 people that got one on color flipped it on eBay... What a joke.
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    PO- Ty Segall- Gemini

    To all record labels: If you put out any ltd Ty Segall release, flippers are going to sell as many of their children as they can to buy up all the copies. First Fuzz, now this. Just press 2000 of them to avoid all of this.
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    I'm going to do my best to keep this in between $25-$30, please remember that the costs associated with this will be used for material, shipping, and paying Patrick for his services. I'm not looking to make a single dollar off of this. With that being said I've wanted to contribute to the VC community for a long time and I really hope that this is what I can do.
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    Just thought it was a little silly to bump a thread that's nearly two years old to prove a point. I suppose if you had done so right as the other thread surfaced - so it was locked or deleted before actual discussion took place - it'd be a different story. But as it stands I just didn't see the point... especially since we now have identical threads on the first page. But it's whatever. I guess someone could merge them if they really cared. [edit] And for clarification's sake, I thought it'd be easier to voice all of that with a simple vote - that I assumed was anonymous? - so I could back out of the thread and move along... instead of posting and causing a fuss or argument. I try to keep my downvotes to a minimum and reserve them for situations where I bite my tongue and trek onward for the sake of keeping things positive. I hope you didn't take it too personally.
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    They usualy sound the same but this pressing has sounded different doubt its because of vinyl, im sure it has something to do with the way they made it sound before putting it on vinyl Always listening to the cd in my car i sometimes wished it was mixed a little more clearly but thats just me aparently Sorry i had to explain a post i made to the people who must be very bored on this board. Next time look in the mirror before posting troll shit, stupid hypocrits Fuck you all
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    HAHA yes, Pat was one of the first people I contacted about this! I've been brain storming for a few hours now and obviously nothing is concrete yet but I was thinking of maybe trying to do 4 different types of boxes. Option 1 would be an article type box, the smallest of the four options. Option 2 being a stand up box that shows the spines of the album similar to the NoFX box set. Option 3 would be a box with a top that can sit bottom up or side up with a spine. Option 4 would be a wooden/screen printed box. Option 1 http://quinncreative.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/box1.jpg Option 2 http://exclaim.ca/News/nofx_celebrate_30th_anniversary_with_career-spanning_lp_box_set Option 3 http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photography-cardboard-box-opened-lid-image19002342 something similar to this, a bit smaller though something to house 8-10 LP's Option 4 http://endlessquestrecords.blogspot.com/2010/12/pelican-wooden-box.html something very similar to the Pelican box With each one becoming more and more limited.
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    that is like the perfect storm.
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    holiday1513h for 15% off in November grabbed Anthony Green - Young Legs, Bloc Party - Nextwave Sessions, Japandroids - Celebration Rock
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    I bet that would rip the sleeve. I'm leaving my sticker on because that is what it is. The true product in all its glory.
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    Emo Revival

    Oldies.com HUGE clearance

    Thanks Rad, Nicky, and Alex, yeah we're slammed right now if you could just wait for a few days so we can dig ourselves out. If I was there today id willingly take all your calls but since no one else there knows much about vinyl, it'd be great if you could hold off.
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    Sellers Regret

    Nerver regretted selling a record, but I do regret selling my teenage mutant ninja turtles action figures at a yard sale when I was 12 years old.
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    PO: Third Eye Blind boxset

    I'm loving this White Stripes thread.. haha
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    hahaha okok before everyone thinks i pulled a Michael Scott giving Michelle a super cool ipad...the ipad i did not buy and i did not steal it, haha. it was given to me a few years ago from the company, and i never used it. just had it lying around. it was actually a last minute throw in. and i was pretty excited to give it away, glad to see your already using it. everything else i had fun looking for. the tests i got wicked lucky on. i was pumped to get those for you. i put a secret song on the mix cd, well nameless song, and i was hoping that would give you the hint that it was me haha...did you figure out that song? i almost kept the wacky packages, those are awesome. anyway im glad you like it.
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    Ok, got my package, and while i can say it isn't an ipad, it's definitely something i've been wanting: the funny thing is while the records and cassette are much appreciated (and 1 that i've been looking for) the poster is what got me excited. holy shit. coming to america is one of my favorite movies of all time. i need to go get a frame for it asap. Thanks a bunch marc!!!
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    She has those button qualities I look for in a girl. i.e. being as cute as one.
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    Maybe I'm the only one but I liked the EP with the first singer the best.
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    good luck, that shit is expensive!
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    PO: Lorde - Pure Heroine

    The fact you are fostering a discussion based off a women's appearance as apposed to their music, yes you are being sexist. Go look in any thread featuring female musicians, the discussion always quickly steers away from the music and onto their appearance.
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    Brock N Roll

    Disensitizer and Condom

    Just raw dog it and blow it as quick as you can
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