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    and would like a word with you
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    I've never heard Bull Moose's mailers described as "cheap" before. Plus, I'm pretty sure I've always had my preorders mailed Two Day Priority which is AMAZING considering the shipping fees have always been either free or $3.00.
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    The thread formerly known as 'ty segall'

    Looks like Southpaw found about 30 copies of the Live in Aisle 5 green variant /200 http://southpawdistro.bigcartel.com/product/ty-segall-live-in-aisle-five-lp
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    RSD Black Friday - 2016

    Mine has such a strong scent that I put it in a sealable sleeve. Smells like when you spray too much potpourri to try covering up a smelly dump. Pretty nasty.
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    For those that may be interested (I was), there are 3 sealed UK 2LP 45 rpm copies of Guero available on Discogs from Collectors Choice. They are in the US and under $23 shipped. I have this same copy already, and it's in VG+, all except for one non repeating skip on "Que Onda Guero'. At $23 for a sealed copy to replace the skipping copy, I couldn't pass this up. https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/1689328?ev=rb The UK 45 rpm 2LP will be tough to beat. 51 minutes is a lot to fit onto a single LP (new cut). I'd be very surprised to see the new cut beat the 45.
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    My boyfriend's brother just had a baby recently. I called him the "wee baby Seamus" so much while his wife was pregnant that when he finally came I would just say "Hi, baby" because I would randomly forget his name.
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    Got that Sean Price box in today. I won't be able to listen until at least tomorrow...but damn! This thing is beefy. Thickest actual box I've ever seen for a box-set. The hologram is just kind of in there with the box which was kind of a bummer, and all the records are double LPs in extra wide single slip sleeves. Wish they were gatefolds, but at least they aren't single-wide slips. It's pretty gorgeous to behold all the same though and I can't wait to listen!
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    The Autograph Thread

    I have a copy of Bowie's "Let's Dance" LP autographed by Bowie and Stevie Ray Vaughan.
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    Gold Panda, Ritual Howls and Tobacco? Yes please. Beacon and Public Memory were nice additions as well.
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    25% off vinyl / tapes / CDs / totes in the store with code FERTILEDREAD 3 random LPs for $25 3 random tapes for $15 3 random 7”s for $15 (These bundles will include recent releases! If you want, leave a note with a record or band you are hoping to get something from and there is a 99% chance your dreams come true.) All orders over $50 get a free tote All orders over $75 get free shipping (US only) This will last until 11:59PM EST on 12/4 *% off excludes preorders and the random package deals http://brokencircles.limitedrun.com Entire catalog on Bandcamp is pay what you want with all proceeds benefiting Standing Rock water protectors http://brokencircles.bandcamp.com
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    huge Menomena fan! I have an original blame monster w/ the origami fold out too. but it's beat to shit since I bought it when it came out. you?
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    Ok, I'll give you August as a contender. Not Matchbox 20 though.
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    This also works for so many things!
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    Always shoot for the "Hey guy" or "Buddy!" thing when forgetting family members lol
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    Sleepmakeswaves - Made Of Breath Only

    Talking with Otto briefly after seeing them earlier this year he said this new one should be their heaviest yet. Hope they stick with that plan!
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    At my girlfriend's family's Christmas party. I got a bunch of presents but I still don't remember who anyone (over the age of 30 or under 23) actually is. It's my 3rd Christmas and I've been to 2 of their weddings so I should start remembering names.
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    I bet Hopeless is happy someone bought that AP album.
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    The Third Man Records Thread

    Thanks for the heads up. I'll keep checking. Let me know if you see it available. I snagged stoner witch earlier. Looking for stag and Houdini
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    Sounds like something Feeny would say
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    Fucking finally.
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    Same here. - I've ordered dozens of albums from them without issue. Their mailers and service they provide is stellar. Can't speak highly enough of Bullmoose.
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    Three more days, my dudes.
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    Not sure what the debate is here (that these online stores have specifically called it the RSD version? The RSD and after RSD versions have always been identical so who cares?). http://recordstoreday.com/SpecialRelease/7099 This release was always listed as a RSD first, so they can press as many identical runs as they want going forward and haven't lied to anyone. They don't have to announce that they've pressed more.
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    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    got my mass effect box today. nicely put together, i'll listen later today edit: started with 3 and it's fucking glorious. god i'm so happy that this was finally pressed.
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    So many hits on this album. I had it on cassette and wore it out when I was 9.
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    It is about the music, but sometimes it is also about having something collectible, especially when it is marketed as being limited, special, and collectible. I think all of us have said from the beginning that we'd like to see them just do individual album pressings also, that way all the people who only really need New Surrender can get it without paying $165 for a whole box. I'm glad to finally own New Surrender, and that's why I bought the box as I already had the other albums. I'm just disappointed with the way they handled it and how they're now trying to make the new box seem even more rare and limited than what we were initially sold. It's all optics and the way they've handled the situation just makes it worse.
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    Why can't people just enjoy the fact that they are finally able to have all anberlin albums finally on vinyl (for those who didn't get originals). Who cares how "rare" it is. Don't we buy these because we love the music instead of caring that only a limited amount of people can enjoy. Maybe they made a mistake by saying they were only making one box set, but they saw that their some of their fans missed out and really wanted to own these, so they did the right thing and helped their fans by making it available again regardless of how they went about it. I guarantee if any of you were in a band that fans really wanted to own your music you would make it available if possible. How many people are constantly begging for represses because they missed out the first go around, almost everyone who bought this? Remeber people. It's all about the MUSIC. If all you care about is having the rarest form. FO.
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    36 Crazyfists - Bitterness The Star

    Pretty sure MOV will do A Snowcapped... too in the future. Looks like they have pretty solid thing going on with those Roadrunner reissues from the late 90's early 2000's
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    For sale- Brand New Your favorite weapon

    I do see a handful of copies around with this cover, these are pretty much guaranteed the alternate artwork copies that Iodine Records produced a while back. All these listings below seem to be numbered out of 100, which is different than the standard initial /300 clear press, and have the alternate cover in the pics above. One listing has the blurb "These were found in a storage locker, the label made limited covers to use with the vinyl." So I would assume that's what these are. ...Or they're crafty bootlegs. Don't think so though. EDIT: lol Iodine (read this thread, seems to be it) Examples: https://gripsweat.com/item/181238454913/brand-new-your-favorite-weapon-limited-jacket-lp-clear-vinyl http://www.popsike.com/Brand-New-Your-Favorite-Weapon-Clear-Iodine-24-OF-100-Vinyl-LP-not-deja-entendu/330917717809.html http://www.popsike.com/Brand-New-Your-Favorite-Weapon-Clear-Vinyl-Indv-Numbered-Last-Iodine-Press/251303172818.html http://www.popsike.com/Brand-New-Your-Favorite-Weapon-Clear-Iodine-28-OF-100-Vinyl-LP-not-deja-entendu/330934093088.html http://www.popsike.com/Brand-New-Your-Favorite-Weapon-vinyl-clear-number-11100-deja-entendu/181852532759.html http://www.popsike.com/BRAND-NEW-YOUR-FAVORITE-WEAPON-IODINE-clear-vinyl-rare-limited-jacket-37100/131799064311.html
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    New Portugal. The Man

    I wouldn't expect a preorder any time soon, so this should really be on the other board. I really like this song, and really dug it live. Every PTM album is different, so I didn't expect this stuff to be any different. They have 30+ songs recorded and mastered, so most won't make the album, but they are going to release them as other things after the album. I expect everything is totally different, and I'm sure some release will be something someone likes.
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    FS: Unique LP Display Case

    Would you consider running a 17% off discount for Record Store Day 2017?
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    I sent him an image of him at a hockey game and got my money back
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    What.cd has shut down.

    woah. xanax just handed out 2,000,000 freeleech tokens.
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    Mae - The Everglow AVAILABLE!!

    "Anything" http://s1376.photobucket.com/user/ryantark79/media/C3C6E7E4-1884-45A7-AC9D-24505FBEE48F_zps1iiydyrf.jpg.html][/URL]
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    What.cd has shut down.

    love 2 torrent, love 2 flip, love u ben
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    Receiver advice please!

    I'd keep an eye out for something used at that price point. I think you could find a second hand PM6005 or PM6004 in that range. Alternatively, you could look at the 500X model. I had both the PM6004 and PM5004 before finally moving to a PM8004. I thought the 6/5 sounded pretty much the same for my purposes.
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    The Autograph Thread

    Lana Del Rey/Wildhoney Misspress Born to Die(Sleep Through It) Autographed by Wildhoney (I was the one that discovered the misspress, posted the video about it, and got all the attention of the band/press. So I felt the need to get it signed.
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    I had 3 different employee's who were all completely surprised as well but one thing I heard that might help some people is they said with the uo insider app you can actually scan the albums to see the sale prices yourself (after I had them scan 30-40 albums they suggested I should try it haha).. I ended up not going back to the rack to try it myself but it would be a nice tool to have if it does work.
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    I like that one as well. I also like men.
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