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    Never. I've ordered from Bullmoose around 20 times and I don't think I've ever received any damaged records....with the exception of a couple small seam splits. They typically use those awesome reinforced mailers with the extended edges.
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    I don't get this guy. I understood the disappointment about seeing a second, cooler pressing after being told the first pressing would be the only one...but completely giving up on the band? Haha
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    This is the last straw. I'm so done with Anberlin. I vow to never go to another Anberlin show again. Oh wait.
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    Interesting conversation going on in here—and not a topic that's lost on me, or in any way news to me. It has always bothered/disappointed me the records that get tons of attention that we release vs. the records that get no support whatsoever for seemingly no discernible reasons (take a look at, idk, the Sorority Noise pre-order thread from earlier this year vs. say, the LITE "Cubic" thread for a stark example of this). And that's actually completely 1000000000% bonkers to me. Like, pretty crazy. Obviously to take nothing away from Sorority Noise, LITE's one of the most talented and interesting and non-derivative acts making music today and it's absolute crickets from this community because.... reasons(?). The crowd here, ~generally speaking~, on this particular forum, I've never really felt like my tastes really fully align with completely. BUT I've always been super appreciative of the support y'all have given us throughout the years. I know we're hemorrhaging that support, though. I understand we're not releasing records you [think] you care about. I read it every few days on forums and Facebook groups and Twitter and in this very thread. But we've also been doing this for over ten years now. I couldn't legally drink when Seth and I started this label and now we're in our 30's. It's not an "out of touch" thing—it's a tastes changing thing. I have almost no interest in the music I predominantly listened to a decade ago and that is reflected in the music we currently release through the label now as well. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I was putting out records just because I knew they'd do well, but that I was in no way myself personally interested in. That might pay the bills and other labels certainly do that but I'm way not down. So, here we are. It's pretty clear the floor got kicked out from everyone doing anything vaguely ~emo~ in the last year or so. Like, save for a handful of bands that got the "indie" stamp of approval, shit is dead in the water and everyone bailed and left labels like jade tree / count your lucky stars / no sleep, etc. caught with their pants down. And when that shit's your bread and butter, that's not the canary in the coal mine, that's the whole mine shaft collapsing on you. Obviously, that's a large part of what we are known for and have done to this point so when you're shifting gears to something else (even doing so gradually over the course of many years), you're gonna alienate and lose some people. I get that. I just sincerely think a lot of people aren't even listening to what we release anymore, which is y'know, that's chill! lol. Not a hype label with the kids anymore ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Maybe don't even have an identity really anymore. Which, y'know, that's fine also!! I don't want to be pigeonholed to one thing. I like that we can put out a Dangers record, a toe record, a Jay Som record and a Bad Heaven record in the same year and we don't need to start an imprint label to release different things through—and that it's not weird at all! Anyway, I'm totally just rambling now. tl;dr: I think everything we release is fucking sick. If you subscribed to this subscribtion or our bandcamp digital subscription: FUCKING THANK YOU. Thank you for your trust in our judgement and curation. If you've streamed, or downloaded or purchased any of our records, THANK YOU. Shit is harder than ever to sustain. You can't know how much it's appreciated. If you haven't listened to what we're up to lately, and have even a modest interest in doing so: We have our ENTIRE catalog (save for pre-orders) in both our store (http://topshelfrecords.com/categories/digital) and our bandcamp (http://topshelfrecords.bandcamp.com) available for pay-what-you-want download with all proceeds going equally to The Trevor Project / Planned Parenthood / The NAACP Legal Defense Fund. It'll remain pwyw through 2016. Maybe give something a shot that you've never heard of, idk!! Sorry I am a shitty dumb bitter prick!!!!!!
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    Shit just got real people. http://www.bullmoose.com/p/24487091/hootie-the-blowfish-cracked-rear-view-colored-vinyl-syeor-2017-exclusive
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    Why can't people just enjoy the fact that they are finally able to have all anberlin albums finally on vinyl (for those who didn't get originals). Who cares how "rare" it is. Don't we buy these because we love the music instead of caring that only a limited amount of people can enjoy. Maybe they made a mistake by saying they were only making one box set, but they saw that their some of their fans missed out and really wanted to own these, so they did the right thing and helped their fans by making it available again regardless of how they went about it. I guarantee if any of you were in a band that fans really wanted to own your music you would make it available if possible. How many people are constantly begging for represses because they missed out the first go around, almost everyone who bought this? Remeber people. It's all about the MUSIC. If all you care about is having the rarest form. FO.
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    I like Anberlin's music. That being said, the whole "woe is me" attitude that they have had since before they split up is getting old.
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    Even in spite of few concrete details so far... if you're not feeling the hype for Death Stranding, you're really fucking up. I do need to grab FF15, still.
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    Pre-ordered Sea Change from Amazon just the other day, received it today. I owned the MoFi pressing and it was truly fantastic. Warm, very dynamic, everything you could hope for. It became so valuable I couldn't not sell it, knowing that eventually there would be another pressing. This is good. Pressed at Pallas USA, cut at Golden. Not as all encompassing as the MoFi, but good, especially for $22-25. I'm assuming one of the high res digital masters was used. This record is excellently produced and mixed, and there really isn't a bad version of it out there. Great soundstage is intact on this pressing, and I didn't have to touch my EQ knobs. Some reports of non-fill issues, not a good thing for an album with such quiet passages. I did hear some on Side C, especially during Round the Bend which got more annoying the more I heard it. The plain paper sleeves are pretty crappy, the gatefold jacket is standard fare. But again, a very acceptable edition and I'm glad it's finally available again. And it also comes with a download code with the option of 24/96 WAV files. Very nice, even though they are even louder than the original CD version for some reason.
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    What they should've done is release them all individually as 2xLP's and charge $75 for them.
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    As much guff as they got (and deserve to get) its the best college pop rock album of the 90's. Half a dozen solid hits. Yeah its played out, but you get why it sold 20 million copies or whatever. Its not game changer, but its a solid album. And for $20, its an easy buy. Don't know why it took 20+ years to get repressed, but whatever.
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    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Death Stranding 12" single featuring two songs from Low Roar can be preordered via Mondo now: https://mondotees.com/products/death-stranding-low-roar-ill-keep-coming-12-single
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    Fuuuuuuuuccccck yes.
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    Shitty Rambo

    Best of 2016 (So far)

    I liked it a lot, just enjoyed other things more.
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    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Preorders for the Data Discs releases are up on Mondo now for US customers - and US codes for Data Discs own store go out in a few minutes (store opens for all at 7pm UK time). Panzer Dragoon: https://mondotees.com/collections/distributed-titles/products/panzer-dragoon-original-video-game-soundtrack-lp Revenge of Shinobi: https://mondotees.com/products/revenge-of-shinobi-original-video-game-soundtrack-lp
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    New Shigeto album on the horizon?
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    Posting because even though I haven't been buying lately, Ghostly still has my heart. May god bless this thread tbh
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    Thanks, snagged the other one!
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    If anyone is into Trivium, Rarewaves-USA is selling the Ab Intitio Vinyl Boxset for$22.79+$3.99 shipping. They had two in stock, I snagged one. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01LTHLWX6/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A33BUW0UC6W05V
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    Posting for the next Com Truise record.
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    36 Crazyfists - Bitterness The Star

    free shipping in the us http://www.grooves-inc.com/crazyfists-bitterness-the-star-ltd-red-vinyl-music-vinyl-pZZa1-2097695629.html
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    I'll remind you that discogs and PayPal takes 11% combined after shipping costs. Hardly flipping but whatever not gonna get into a pissing match with you. Kind of splitting hairs dont ya think?
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    Mae - The Everglow AVAILABLE!!

    Saw Spartan Records comment on someone's instagram that they went without gatefold to mimic the 1st pressing. Still worth it for the price as it does have that nice full color book.
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    Same. Kinda regret getting the purple/yellow variant but I really don't give a shit as long as I have a copy.
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    Surprised it actually didn't sell out before lunch time. Unlike other groups of fans I've interacted with or observed (too creepy?), the hardcore MM fans are pretty hardcore...and that's coming from a huge fan. I didn't buy bc that's definitely too expensive for me..it's also coming out in the last month of the year when my record budget is already blown. Wish I could buy it and support these dudes and there families. Having met them, I'm always happy to buy their tunes, go to a show or two and chat with them. That's why, although pricey, I can't imagine them making a cash grab. I think some fans seeing it as a really personal album or it's the only album they really like. Bands sell VIP tickets to shows, or have special VIP merch...in this case, it just happened to be their most popular album AND it's treated as a "VIP item". I'm kinda salty about the price but when I think about how it "could" have happened, maybe it's a classic "Cartel Chroma Situation" but in reverse? Maybe they could have added some random recordings to essentially add value without having to create some physical? Maybe WB was so disinterested in Mutemath's attempt to press the record that did in fact milk it and charge more for what they saw was WB losing money? There could have been a "point of no return" where MM (who I believe is independent) spent so much of their own money trying to make everything work, they had to release it this way? Wish we could have some more info about the whole ordeal but these are my hot takes. Bummed that it could really be the final press though but as I finish a post that's too long, I just need to move on and put on a record and smile.
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    Man, this is another case of everyone's explanations making it worse.
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    So many salty people. Price is crazy tho. If it's too expensive , don't buy it. If they shelled out that much money they will go on clearance eventually (rich kids will not allow this to happen). We have no idea how much this actually cost them to do. It could have been a lot. It could have been a little.
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    Test press acquired !
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    F#%@ that. There's only one true Paper Boy.
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    PO Now: Moby - Porcelain Box Set

    Holy shit $80 "signed courier service" is the only shipping option for me. Where is this coming from, Kamchatka?
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    I talked to Paul and Darren about this earlier this year and they laughed at that rumor. They said the only thing they lost in Katrina was the original art. They actually asked me that night if I'd buy a repress with different cover art lol. Side note: They also said that Roy had the most copies of the first press out of any of the band members and joked that all the copies on eBay/Discogs are his haha.
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    sure, because when she breaks up with us, she would write the most patriotic song ever.
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    No matter how you look at the picture, the gun is always facing you...
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    Remember that time when Donald Trump spent like 3 years trying to prove Obama wasn't an American....good times
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    I guess your work is done here, you can continue using your regular account now.
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    Obviously punk isn't DIY anymore, it's Get It Done For You (through unfair taxation). All the same though, right?
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    Straight talk? Everything is shit, so stock up on guns, ammo, and supplies. Fuckin' for real. There is not a single candidate that I think will end up not bringing about the end of the US as a country.
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    Speaking of which. Election 2016 has given us this, if nothing else.
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    Not according to the exit polls. He wins across the board, all demographics and walks of life. It doesnt make any sense.
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    This is true. Though I think I'd rather have Trump than Cruz.
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    That is the most Trump quote ever. He is the best. "Okay look. You want to talk about a thing? I'll tell you about a thing. These other politicians won't tell you about a thing, they have special interest and big donors who won't let them talk about a thing. But this thing, I'll tell you, I've seen this thing, I've been around this thing and I know about this thing. And as President I am going to make this thing great again. We need to make this thing great again and we are going to make great things for everybody in this country!" [rapturous applause]
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    If Trump wins I'm just going to get ready for the bread line, or die in a war, or be sent to a camp.
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    I understand they are both terrible choices. I just can't stand Hillary! Again, I am not happy with either option. Hillary was a terrible SOS and I don't want her in the white house.
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    Not happy with Trump or Hillary, but I would vote Trump over that lying scumbag any day!
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    While I agree with much of what John Oliver says (both in that video and on his show in general), I disagree with his assertion/implication that a President Cruz/Rubio would be better than a President Trump solely because we "know where they stand" -- in fact, that's precisely why I'd prefer Trump over those two! But to the OP's point, yes this is crazy, and I'm loving it.
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