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    Post Your Record Storage Area

    Last August we sold our house. Built a new house, finished it in October. Then decided to finish the basement myself. Been without records and audio for 10 months. About 3 weeks ago I finished the basement enough to start moving stuff in. It's a work in progress with still more stuff yet to come from the framers.
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    Mine, too
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    Back in my day you preorded a Converge record without knowing which variant you got or what the variants even were. I doubt it'll be a full album pre-order. A full album announcement with the singles, probably. A 7" with those singles to go with the announcement, maybe.
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    Arms and Sleepers - Miami EP

    OK! WE have some winners! Yes plural! I decided that since you guys are so great, that I'd double the test presses for this giveaway. I assigned each entrant a number and then used https://www.random.org/ to pick. Winners of the reject test presses: @highfives & @EquinoxDesignLab PM me for details on how to redeem! Thanks again all! Tell your friends!
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    Black Metal Discussion Thread

    Super good, super intense...
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    Dang! Someday I'll win something. Thanks for the fun contest though. Got the sunburst, so it's all good.
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    Hard cases for albums

    You might have some trouble fitting 12" records inside that 7" sleeve. But that's what she said.
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    Rap Discussion Thread

    Random bump. But I've been listening to a lot of Lil Peep, $uicideboy$, GHOSTEMANE, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty, LIL UGLY MANE, XXXTENTACION, and Ski Mask The Slump God. Kind of a random combination I know, and I also know that a couple are laughable, but oh well. Enjoying the hell out of all of them right now,
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    Arms and Sleepers - Miami EP

    Second all of the above. Thanks Eric!
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    Haha It's horrible but I don't even care! Great way to beef up the collection for cheap.
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    Summer between high school and college & my shifts start at 4PM. I ain't gotta be up for shit most days
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    Sylvan Esso - Echo Mountain Sessions

    NPR posted this today:
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    Every time I click on this thread I spend money.
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    And boy is it killer!
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    Rap Discussion Thread

    As far as "Mumble Rap": I dislike a majority of artists of that uhm...genre, but I think the people that are constantly complaining about it is even worse (*cough* TeamBackPack *cough*). I like the fact that there's something new happening and that Hip-Hop is evolving - whether you think it's headed into a bad stage or not. Change is good.
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    Rap Discussion Thread

    I dig Ghostmane's music a bit, but I don't really like his vocal style/sound. I've tried multiple times. $uicideboy$ on the other hand I really like. Always look forward to Ruby's verses.
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    They've never done variants before, I'm guessing they won't do it this time either.
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    Snagged them both on their website already but here's the MN link for anyone who still needs to try and get one. http://hopelessrecords.merchnow.com/products/v2/256553/louder-now-gold
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    Because deep down inside, every aspiring musician dreams of the day that their music is purchased by a massive throng of exactly one people.
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    Imagine your album being so bad you have to resort to a gimmick like this.
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    Snaggle Von Swift

    The Concert Thread

    The rest of my July should be pretty fun (and tiring): July 10th - Now, Now - Philadelphia July 12th - New Found Glory - Wilmington July 13th - Katie Ellen - Philadelphia July 14th - Waxahatchee (Free at Noon) - Philadelphia July 14th - New Found Glory - Lancaster July 15th - The Superweaks - Philadelphia July 17th - The Flatliners/Pkew Pkew Pkew/Garrett Dale - Philadelphia July 20th - Incubus/Jimmy Eat World - Camden July 23rd - Radio 104.5 Block Party ( Misterwives/Rubblebucket/Beach Slang) - Philadelphia July 26th - Ben Gibbard - Washington D.C. July 28th - XPoNential Festival (Pinegrove/Arkells/Hop Along/Conor Oberst) - Camden July 28th - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Philadelphia July 29th - XPoNential Festival (The Suffers/Strand of Oaks/Dave Hause/Spoon/Preservation Hall Jazz Band) - Camden July 30th - Dashboard Confessional/All-American Rejects - Bethlehem Hoping that secret Dave Hause show in Philly winds up being on the 31st to close out the month nicely.
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    Tidal Wave

    Rap Discussion Thread

    I'm just waiting for mumble rapping to end.
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    Topshelf Records 2017 Subscription

    To be quite honest, there were two years in a row where I think I bought literally every record, and you guys probably had my address/email cued up to memory. However late last year, and early this year, several of the records I bought just didn't catch me the same way all those previous did, and was a little disappointing with some of the hype on them to only be let down, so I kind of stopped keeping up with the label for a little while. I have no doubt that you guys vet all the releases you offer with the the utmost seriousness, and truly believe that they will be hits. Many dont become so because of their following, and like you said, a lot of your emo releases of the past carried these crowds over to similar releases, so these new ones get kind of lost on them/us. As I said, I haven't kept up in a while, so Ill have to stream a few of the new ones to see how they win me over, but current it's not a must-sub for me. Now if you were to say new releases by Prawn, Joie de Vivre, Caravels, Crash of Rhinos ect were coming down the pipe this coming year....well.../drool :0 Must love and respect guys! I'm sure thier will be some quality albums next year I will grab for sure.
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