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    You'd think that would be true. But, then again, if someone is making 7 Fraggle Rock variants with a CD-R master... who even knows anymore.
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    Why would this be fake? Who is bootlegging low-mid level emo albums from the mid 2000s?
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    I'm in the minority I guess, cuz I straight skip Los Angeles. Song is awful.
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    well, at least you can use it as an actual bowl for plums now.
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    You, my friend, have made an excellent decision.
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    Dance your cares away, slice that wrist another day!
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    as the person who initially made that now semi-popular comparison, i would just like to say that it was made to compliment both Wesley Willis and Mark Kozelek. i am a huge fan of both of those guys.
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    Seriously. Bootleg vinyl and fake boobs have a lot in common for me. I prefer the real thing but I'll take what I can get.
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    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    "Super bent corners".....but still listenable..... Hmmm
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    People always need something to bitch about.
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    Beck - Odelay (reissue)

    Banner ads.
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    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Decided that I wanted to add one more to that Pop Market Black Sabbath order (couldn't believe I had forgot to get Vol. 4) so I contacted them and asked if they could update my order because I wanted to get it added to that 20% discount. The person who responded said they couldn't make any adjustments to an order once it's placed (weird) but they did give me an even better discount code good for 30% off. I can't say if it'll work for anyone else after I used it, but it definitely worked last night. PMLOVE is the code, if anyone is interested in trying. I ended up getting Black Sabbath Vol. 4 for $12.60 shipped.
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    The Ettes Shake The Dust 10th Anniversary Vinyl Reissue Out 9/30/2016 on Fond Object Records 300 Copies on "Glasz" Marble Vinyl [Fond Object Records Online and Nashville Store EXCLUSIVE] 700 Copies on Black Vinyl Pre-Order at: https://www.fondobjectrecords.com/products/the-ettes-shake-the-dust-10th-anniversary-edition-glazs-color-vinyl-lp-preorder Shake The Dust was Produced and Recorded by Liam Watson [The White Stripes, The Kills, Tame Impala]. Vinyl Reissue Includes: -2 Vinyl Colors - LTD to 1000 Copies [300 on “Glasz” Marble and 700 on Black] -Mastered for Vinyl Directly from the Original Tapes by Noel Summerville -Full Album DL w/2 Bonus Tracks, "Get Out" & "Eat The Night" -- Never Before Released Digitally -Newly Updated Hi-Resolution Artwork September 2016 marks the 10th Anniversary of SHAKE THE DUST, the explosive debut album from notoriously road-rambling garage rockers, THE ETTES. Recorded with Liam Watson at the legendary Toe Rag Studios in London, SHAKE THE DUST is an album any true rocker's record collection can't be without. Power trio Coco Hames, Poni Silver, and Jem Cohen never rested since their inception in 2003, with 4 studio LPs, a side project with Greg Cartwright (The Parting Gifts - In the Red Records, Norton Records), plus countless singles, exclusives, and contributions to film, TV, original scores, soundtracks, compilations, and collaborations. They even opened up shop at Fond Object Records -- the band's very own record store, venue, collective, and record label -- in Nashville, TN. THE ETTES and FOND OBJECT RECORDS are pleased to announce the new limited edition vinyl reissue of SHAKE THE DUST, mastered from the original tapes right to vinyl, complete with never-before-available downloads of rare tracks. Originally released as the final album on Sympathy for the Record Industry in September 2006, SHAKE THE DUST is available again on Fond Object Records.
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    New song has linkin park moments. I could see it being played during the credits of a transformers movie. But, I have hope purely just cause of that other new song they played on their last tour. Plus they tweeted saying they gave us the weird song first, so we'll see.
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    33 1/3 Book Series

    I've always mean to pick some of these up just haven't gotten around to it. I've heard John Darnielle's book on Black Sabbath's Master of Reality is essential
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    The official Horror fan topic

    Yeah. It was a sleeper for me. My friends seemed to enjoy it more than I did, but straight middle of the road ghost story (sorda) for me. Wait for a rental in my opinion. Blackout Experiments was decent. Way different than I expected. Not scary/horror at all, more so a documentary about the psychology behind the people who do Blackout. I liked it. What are peoples thoughts on the cat being out of the bag and news being out that Adam Wingard's new movie "The Woods" is actually a Blair Witch squeal. That was already one of my most anticipated of this year, now I'll really pumped. Sorda peeves me that I couldn't beg my friends to check out Adam Wingard and that The Woods was gonna rule, and now they're super siked for it, but I guess more interest in his movies is good. But that should be awesome! Got a trailer for it before Lights Out, looks pretty good. Also got a trailer for Don't Breath which looks pretty solid. Has a lot of people involved from the Evil Dead Remake, which I loved.
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    Blink-182 - California (Out Now!)

    I agree, Los Angeles is one of my favorites on the album.
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    Woke up with 32 mails in the inbox, then you know shit went down. Luckily it didnt sell out, like it did with Thrice (also Vagrant) some time back. Like the song! The teaser had me worried For the ones who missed it (like me), here are the colors: (I would go with the turquoise)
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    Every gumbo quote ever^^
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    Didn't love it at first, but after a couple of listens straight through, I can proudly say that it slaps hard. I give it a strong 4 "half-baked social justice movements" out of 5.
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    Prophets of Rage

    I hope so!
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    If you actually like music and not framed records, this sounds pretty awesome
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    The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    There's some talk that Join Us by Le Matos will be getting a repress.
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    Wilco - Schmilco (9/9)

    Well he's definitely got ho's in different area codes.
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    You're all nuts! Crazy in the coconuts.
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