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    Maybe Kevin used the last 14 years to gather signatures from every shop and distro in the world, to have them waive their right to stock this analog repress. Now THAT'$ $MART.
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    I made an EP! (/50)

    Hi guys! Thought i'd share this with you if someone is interested I recorded my first EP and was able to order a nice cassette pressing of it, the EP is coming out this friday (the 13th)! Details: - Limited to 50 copies, handnumbered - Transparent cassette in clear case - Tri-fold (6-Panel) insert with lyrics and artwork - Includes digital download card - Housed in a custom cardboard Monolith https://astraltaurus.bandcamp.com/album/monolith Thanks so much for checking out my stuff guys! This is a song from the EP:
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    Discogs launched Vinylhub - a crowdsourced map of the world's record stores. Lots of news articles about it popping up. Might save some of the "What record stores are in ____?" questions around here. https://www.vinylhub.com/
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    That sucks, but how is it the label's fault?
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    Btw - Duolingo on your phone will give you an assist on some basics. I can speak Spanish like a four year old - some sentences and comprehension. It helps me increase vocabulary and is easy to use. My Mexican in-laws say I speak well but I know they are being kind and complimentary since no one else in my family can say a single word or even tries.
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    I thought about this some more...and Monterrey is a big industrial center. I used to have loads of clients there at my old job. There will be some English speakers there, as lots of raw materials they use come from the States, but as for the average joe on the street, not sure. Work on your Rosetta Stone as best you can. Jerseydave is 100% correct, the attempt is worth as much as the words and if they speak some English, and this is just my experience with folks all over the world, they'll try even if they're not confident in it. Think about the things you'll be doing and work on that vocabulary... Like do you want to go dancing? "Baila" "Discoteque" Donde podemos bailar? Also...bar is El Bar... Me gusta un buen bar. Donde? Cuanto cuesta? (How much is it?) I'm sure you know some Spanish numbers...I mean we all watched Sesame Street!
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    I ordered the clear the other day when it went back up, lucky to be able to grab it! It's a really nice album, love the mood and atmosphere it creates, but... something is bothering me about it. I'm not really able to describe it other than, it just feels odd to listen to at times. Mostly because I know the style of Nothing, and I can hear it in a LOT of the songs, and its hard to separate the two bands in my head to give it the credit it might deserve. But I keep wanting to hear Nothing in the songs, and its throwing me off. That Sax in the last song though
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    but how much was shipping?
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    Husker Du - Savage Young Du

    From Rob Sevier: 500 silver vinyl were available through our website. 500 white vinyl were available through indie retailers.
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    It really is great! I cannot stop listening to it. My buddy and I drove up to Jacksonville on Saturday to see Hidden Hospitals, and I played it for him. He loved it so much he actually ordered the vinyl as well.
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    U2 - Songs of Experience

    My 48-euro box from jpc has been shipped! Really cool they went through with this price!
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    You’ll be surprised how a little Spanish, even slow respectful attempts, can earn you a lot of friends and courtesy.
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    Nice. Preordered this and Genocide Pact! Thankfully the release dates are close.
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    am I the only asshole here who bought and then realized you can only pick them up at the show?? f. if someone is going and can pick up my records for me, ill send you a record (from my shop) as a gift..
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    Do you speak any Spanish? Cancun and Playa del Carmen are pretty bilingual now, but I'd be surprised if Monterrey is.
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    Shitty Rambo


    My motherland! Haha, Mexico is so much fun. I'd suggest getting a loud/wild cab driver, kicking him back a good $20 tip and ask him to take you to his favorite spots/come pick you up every half hour. By doing this I've found some really awesome places that weren't full of Americans drinking goofy ass margaritas or getting hung upside down to do beer bongs. It's how I stumbled across Restaurante Chicos Paradise in Puerto Vallarta. That might be my favorite place in the world. Take advantage of street food/little food shops. They're all good and cost 1/4 the price a chain place like Senior Frogs or Margaritaville charges for food/drinks. Al pastor tacos are the buisness. Just tip decently and you'll be taken care of. Mexican people are very hospitable and want you to come back.
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    Tidal Wave


    I’ve only been to Acapulco and Cancun. My days were basically spent in this order: get drunk, go to the beach, get drunk, go to the pool, get drunk, go to dinner, get drunk, go to the club.
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    I only have a BTTF 3 test, don't see a need to have more than one. Also, have 2 copies of JP....Amber and Dilophosaurus. Not sure why I need 2.
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    Clicked hoping for lots of hot singles, black 7"s and double LP penetration was disappointed
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    U2 - Songs of Experience

    Also, I don’t pray to god, but I will if it gets us an REM themed show from Scott and Scott.
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    Since we're on the subject of weird and annoying, we straight up ask that people don't make "PO SOON" threads in the Rules/Compliance sticky, yet here we are.
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    Worst discogs experience since I started using the site. User IndieSevens. Had 100% feedback prior to my purchase so I assumed it was safe. 8 weeks later no records, wouldn't/couldn't provide proof that he sent the records, really was poor with communication in general so I filed a paypal dispute. They ruled in my favor 4 weeks later, but been a total run around, 3 months with no records or money back. I left him negative feedback and he tried to coerce me into removing it, and left me negative feedback as a result.
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    Terrible Traders/Buyers/Sellers

    This reminds me that he still owes me money from over a year ago. He said his gf stole the record he sold me and would be refunding me. I messaged him a few times about the refund and he kept putting it off until I completely forgot about it. Don't believe any of his bs.
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    I got James. He will definitely get his copy. It really is looking like most everyone will be able to snag this.
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