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    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Just posted on their facebook Hello and thank you for your patience. Below is an update regarding physical orders of Brand New’s Science Fiction. Standard vinyl pre-orders have been shipping out to customers with more shipping every day until all copies are delivered. The Limited vinyl unit is facing an unfortunate brief delay from our pressing plant, but we expect to be able to ship orders to all customers by mid-November. If you pre-ordered the CD without a Science Fiction vinyl or shirt, your order has been shipped. If you did not receive yours, feel free to contact [email protected] at your earliest convenience (US only). Science Fiction shirts are shipping in the next 2 weeks. Regarding the vinyl release in Australia and UK/Europe: Standard vinyl will be shipping in mid-November. Thank you for sticking with us as we work to get all orders out as quickly as possible.
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    Official OST and Film Score Thread

    Dude Seriously...THANKS! I heard my computer beep (the new reply sound) and was about to leave the office for 30 minutes...decided to check and saw this. Perfect start to being 40! Thanks again
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    Fuck it I ordered one. Can cross liquid filled off the vinyl bingo card!
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    The Walking Dead

    Still the hardest signing ticket to get every year at SDCC, there is still TONS of hype. Heck even my facebook feed was full of Neegan costumes over the weekend.
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    Does anyone know exactly what happened to No Sleep? They went from being a great label to releasing limited edition coffee.
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    what a pile of shit no sleep became. i remember when it was one of my fav labels.
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    Is dead format.........dead?

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    Thanks to the everyone in this thread for being so laser focused!
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    Netflix / Amazon Prime original series

    It also sucks when it's been like 3 days since the show premiered, you've been too busy to watch more than 3 episodes, and your iPhone keeps sending you news article alerts about "Creators of Stranger Things discuss the heart-breaking twist of Season 2" and "How this scene in the first season of Stranger Things predicted the chilling finale of Season 2". It's been less than a week! Let me be with the references to twists and finales!
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    Received shipping notification from DW.
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    Not sure if everything is the same, but back in the day they were pretty good at replying to e-mails. They got bad at it when they pressed that alternate artwork edition of The Upsides, but it's still worth a shot.
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    Waxwork Records Thread

    It's in their story on their IG page. Posted about 20 mins ago. It shows the blue variant of The Exorcist soundtrack on a turntable, and then ends with someone holding up the F13th vinyl.
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    Waxwork Records Thread

    It's one of the greatest movies ever made.
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    There's a new color for the tour in Germany that starts today ... https://www.instagram.com/p/Ba49n10jpNb/?taken-by=chuckragan
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    Is dead format.........dead?

    I believe you can email Nick and he can send you your list. The email address is on the Deadformat splash page. I don't think that link would work if you had it.
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    Unfortunate that it's Jagjaguwar again. Great label with horrible QA/QC on their vinyl releases. Wouldn't be surprised if this is also a noisy press.
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    Is dead format.........dead?

    So someone didn't follow the rules and you are upset there isn't anarchy.... seems pretty simple, don't list anything in the database till it's in hand.
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    What's the point of anything in life?
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    will buy if the record has been pressed on new plates
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    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Just blinked my eyes. Thought you would all like to know useless updates about my life.
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    Cassette storage

    The 100 space wall mounts were tempting, but my wife would have nothing of them, so I went for the 1980's style cabinets. Instead of the faux wood color, I waited for some Black units to show up at the thrift store. I have another one ready when these are full - which is pretty close. (This discgear CD holder is for my 'mixtape' CDs I burn)
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    I had to pay $ 68,62 for both colors shipped to Europe .. I left a comment on Chuck's FB site and he answered "Noted!" .. so I think he's working on the shipping costs. It is a lot of money for sure, but in the end it's Chuck !!
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