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    https://www.stereogum.com/2032965/jimmy-eat-world-clarity-turns-20/franchises/the-anniversary/ Clarity turns 20 tomorrow and Ian Cohen did a pretty neat write-up about it
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    Also, I’m pretty damn sure it was never actually on sale on the UO site when it was active.
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    Did not really enjoy the ST album from last year, so I'm hoping this one is a bit more ambitious. ST felt too safe and samey, but that was the first with the new band, so maybe it took them a record to come into their sound together. Also kind of disliked War Paint but loved Golden Record, so maybe there is an A B A B A pattern forming here...
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    A few more Craft reissues up at SOM - https://shopusa.season-of-mist.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=craft Stoked about Fuck The Universe. It's the last one I needed to complete the discography.
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    I always enjoy seeing Dale Earnhardt Jr promoting them. I'm surprised he doesn't have a TDS car.
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    Emperor Tomato Ketchup?
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    Not enough David Bowie; assume it's fake.
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    Swear there's some other Katatonia fans in here right? If not why not? I can't believe this album is already ten years old, there's also a Tour where the band will be playing this in full. The Blurb: KATATONIA, the Swedish purveyors of dark progressive rock/metal, are starting to make their first moves after an idle year of stillness. Says the band: "We will begin our return with a celebration of our album 'Night Is The New Day', which turns 10 years now in 2019. For the album's 10th anniversary, Peaceville are set to release a deluxe edition of this classic album on 17th May 2019, and to further commemorate this dark gem, we will return to the live arena to play 'Night Is The New Day' in its entirety at six select club shows in Europe in May. "The 10th-anniversary edition of 'Night Is The New Day' will feature new cover artwork from longtime collaborator Travis Smith, a glorious hi-res 5.1 remix created (for the first time) by Bruce Soord and sleeve notes by renowned journalist Dom Lawson." Tracklist: 1. Forsaker 2. The Longest Year 3. Idle Blood 4. Onward Into Battle 5. Liberation 6. The Promise Of Deceit 7. Nephilim 8. New Night 9. Day And Then The Shade 10. Inheritance 11. Ashen 12. Departer Double LP on red scheduled for release on May 17th. (Love the fact they've added in the bonus tracks before Departer because you can't not end the album on that song it wouldn't be right) Oddly they're also releasing a deluxe 10" book version similar in style to the last two studio albums but instead of the album on vinyl it's just a 10" of the longest year EP as well as two CDs and a DVD. Full tracklist for that here: 48 page hardback book. 10" vinyl (The Longest Year EP) CD Album CD B sides and additional tracks 5.1 disc with hi res audio (+ The Longest Year / Day & Then The Shade videos) New Travis Smith Art, plus sleevenotes by Dom Lawson CD1 Track Listing 01. Forsaker 02. The Longest Year 03. Idle Blood 04. Onward Into Battle 05. Liberation 06. The Promise Of Deceit 07. Nephilim 08. New Night 09. Day And Then The Shade 10. Inheritance 11. Departer CD2 Track Listing 01. Ashen 02. Sold Heart 03. Day And Then The Shade (Frank Default remix) 04. Idle Blood (Linje 14) 05. Forsaker (Live @ Summer Breeze, Dinkelsbühl, Germany 2012) 06. Liberation (Live @ Summer Breeze, Dinkelsbühl, Germany 2012) 07. The Promise Of Deceit (Live @ Koko, London, UK 2011) 08. The Longest Year (Live @ Koko, London, UK 2011) 09. Nephilim (Live @ Koko, London, UK 2011) 10. New Night ((Live @ Koko, London, UK 2011) 11. Idle Blood (Live @ Union Chapel, London, UK 2014) DVD Track Listing 01. Forsaker 5.1 02. The Longest Year 5.1 03. Idle Blood 5.1 04. Onward Into Battle 5.1 05. Liberation 5.1 06. The Promise Of Deceit 5.1 07. Nephilim 5.1 08. New Night 5.1 09. Day And Then The Shade 5.1 10. Inheritance 5.1 11. Departer 5.1 12. Ashen 5.1 13. Sold Heart 5.1 14. The Longest Year (video) 15. Day And Then The Shade (video) 10" vinyl (The Longest Year EP) Track Listing A1. The Longest Year A2. Sold Heart B1. Day And Then The Shade B2. Idle Blood (Linje 14) EU link: https://www.omerch.eu/shop/katatonia No US link but will throw one up/add to the post if I'm made aware of one.
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    I'm picking up that Charlies release for sure. Don't care if it has the bonus tracks. Love that LP. Repress Wonderland next.
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    Pm’d & not a dbag
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    Brock N Roll

    PO: Masked Intruder - III

    Seeing these guys tonight. Pumped!
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    this was great. as someone who got into JEW through this album in 1999, it changed my life in so many ways, and Ian does a great job articulating how it did.
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    PO - The Damned Things- High Crimes

    I always thought Ironiclast was going to be a one-off album. I would love to see it pressed, but this will definitely do.
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    The last NFG exclusive sat for so long that I was able to pick a copy up for like $7. I doubt that all 300 are gone.
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    I loved War Paint when it dropped. Still do. Golden Record took me some time to love. It's worth a listen again if you enjoyed their S/T album.
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    Dougie Jones

    PO: Masked Intruder - III

    That's pretty sweet.
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    Dang I'm so excited for this, can't wait till payday so I can pre-order. Now if only they'd press their first album too...
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    Haha thats funny i really dont care for golden and love war paint. To each their own stoked for this one tho!
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    RSD 2019 Limited and First Releases

    silverchair song on that fucking rules.
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    PO - The Damned Things- High Crimes

    I concur!! Dan and Matt Freeman are the reason I retired the gtar and learned bass. Such talented punk musicians.
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    The Weezer Thread

    half black half clear
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    PO - The Damned Things- High Crimes

    Yeah, all I care about is his contribution on bass.
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    I keep refreshing just in case it wasn't put up yet.. My wife's sister is a manager at fye, I asked if her store will have copies or if she can somehow get any. I'll find out soon as she gets to work this afternoon.
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    PO-Neil Young Dead Man 3/8

    https://www.bullmoose.com/p/28958808/neil-young-dead-man-a-film-by-jim-jarmusch-2lp https://www.amoeba.com/dead-man-ost-lp-neil-young/albums/4110793/ What!!!!!!
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    Maybe. If he wants something silly.
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    weird, I only see a link for nuclearblast. o well, also blastoff10 will give you 10%. so its $22 shipped
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    Extreme Metal Releases and Pre-orders

    No, but I'm friends with the band and I'm gonna try to find out soon.
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    big Reach For The Sun vibes
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    This is a no brainer, especially if you’re lucky enough to be new to the BN catalogue. Also I interviewed Dave for my old RIP podcast and he’s a good dude!
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    Yea, did you not get an email with tracking? I'll send you your number via email now.
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    Been checking out Minor Movements the past couple days. Really digging the 2 tracks off their upcoming album, including this one http://www.heavyblogisheavy.com/2019/02/20/minor-movements-debut-brand-new-track-hamatreya/
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    damn i actually really love that new single
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    It’s prob tough to have started in the music selling biz pre-PayPal and all this clearly outlined customer protection. Now, no matter what wacky policies you draft up about having zero culpability or responsibility for an order’s condition, if you accept PayPal or credit cards, you do have responsibility and a savvy buyer knows that, worst case scenario, they are protected. That said, please always be nice and polite to your customer support people. Even if they aren’t polite back or try to give you the runaround, which is rare, just hang up and skip to dealing with PayPal/your credit card company in that instance. Be nice to humans.
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    Definitely had to pick this up. I don't know the other songs, but since it has "Bad Girl" it will be worth it either way. The cream red version looks pretty darn cool. Buy It
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    I picked up the sarcasm as in “it isn’t punk to have UO exclusives” but you were still calling them punk, so yeah. Not sure what you are getting at there. Nice try.
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    Goldfinger - Hang-Ups

    Got excited thinking this would be the final SRCVinyl pressing of anything
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    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Spacelab9 have announced they're doing a repress of the Skyrim ambient noises (dragon fart SFX) LP AND Fallout 4 boxset.
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    LOL, The entitlement is strong in this thread.
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    Good news is that all the remaining 2019 reissues will be triple vinyl versions according to a post on the Stereolab forum! And also confirmed Switched On Volume 4 is still going to happen at some point (but it won't be this year due to all the work involved on the reissues).
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    RSD 2019 Limited and First Releases

    Reluctantly Sharing Depression is the new RSD.
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    Help on how to trade

    Ugh. Fuck off dude. You've managed to make this thread about you and the "state of VC." Congratulations, you're tone deaf. Sorry for your loss OP.
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    Han Solo

    The official Horror fan topic

    I watched Velvet Buzzsaw yesterday and found it very entertaining. I agree that the dialogue was a little weird in parts, does anyone actually speak that way in real life? Either way the cast was very strong and it was pretty original. I think it's something I'd view again. That one scene with the "sphere" was great, very Kill Bill in the manner of wildly overdramatic gore
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    PO: Silverchair - Young Modern Reissue

    Those Thieving Birds
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    PO: Silverchair - Young Modern Reissue

    I can't believe how much slander YM received upon release... Such an incredible album...
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