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    "Drama". I'd say trying to have your wife killed is a little worse than "drama". Fuck Tim, fuck this band, and fuck anyone who gives them money.
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    I’m sure customer service loves people like you.
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    [PO] Tycho – Weather

    I really wouldn't mind if he continued to release a vocal version of an album and an instrumental version of an album. I personally would like both even if I preferred one over the other. Everyone wins.
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    PO: Norma Jean All Hail 10/25

    For those who don't want to brick their systems with that leak: Pretty tasty.
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    I remember recording this onto VHS live. Brings back a lot of memories of figuring out songs by watching his fingers.
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    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Deep Discount 15% OFF w/ code SIMBA15
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    She is beautiful.
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    Like Live at the Paramount from a few months back (which sold out by release day, I think we gusstimated around /3000), Nirvana.com has an exclusive split colored version. Retail will have a standard black https://shop.nirvana.com/collections/featured/products/live-and-loud-colored-2xlp $9 shipping FYI.
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    PO: 65daysofstatic - Replicr (9/27/2019)

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    4CD/1LP/1 cassette box set The LP is “Dont Tell a Soul” Redux edition. Although Don’t Tell A Soul ultimately became the group’s best-selling effort, The Replacements were unsatisfied with the sound of the record. The band has radically reimagined Don’t Tell A Soul to create a 4CD/1LP set that features the album mixed as it was originally intended (Don’t Tell A Soul Redux), along with a collection of previously unheard tracks (We Know The Night: Rare & Unreleased), and a classic concert from 1989 (The Complete Inconcerated Live) https://store.rhino.com/dead-man-s-pop-4cd-1lp-deluxe-cassette.html
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    As a huge Replacements fan, I’ve always felt a little guilty for liking this album as much as I do because it’s basically the first solo Westerberg album and not a true ‘Mats effort, but it’s just so gorgeous I can’t help it. One of the few records I can drop the needle on and listen to both sides start-to-finish. Gonna be hard not to pick this up...
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    @ianrees you should do a merchlimited bundle with a neck brace since I’m gonna need one after this album drops next week.
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    Been using one for 4-5 years. Always works and has never come close to ruining anything even if left on for extended hours Just use the pouch, not an oven
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    Several users on the Needles and Grooves forum have the vinyl flat and have had great success, I believe there is a dedicated thread for it over on that forum. Probably lots of tips and advice.
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    PO: Sum 41 - Order in Decline

    I have one that should work for ya. Check your DM's
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    I love this band, but $80 for one album is too much.
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    There’s a good chance Dawg is in his early 70s and has no idea how the vinyl game works. Proceed with caution.
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    That's not how any of this works.
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    If you started buying records in 1999 or before at, say, $17.99, and are basing that on today’s prices, it’s called inflation. If you just got into the hobby and are complaining about prices, it’s because you’re on a ship late to port and welcome to the hobby.
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    https://purenoise.merchnow.com/products/v2/296450/tour-2019-neon-yellowblack-a-sideb-side Screen printed and hand numbered cover Track List: 1. Stick To Your Guns – Dove and Fist 2. Counterparts – Monument 3. Terror – No Road Too Long 4. Year of the Knife – Sick Statistic 5. Sanction – Untitled Pressing Limit: 300 – VIP Exclusive – Neon Yellow / Black Aside-Bside (the yellow mixed with the black making it more of a green) 200 – Tour Exclusive – Highlighter Yellow w/ Heavy Black Splatter
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    hiring someone to kill your wife is definitely a "mess up". a real oopsie daisy. a goof.
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    Mine still says preshipment 🙄
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    PO - The Menzingers - Hello Exile (Oct. 4)

    A few years ago I probably would try to cancel my order with Bullmoose and grab this. Now....just doesn't seem worth the hassle. Plus Bull moose has always been good to me, I'd feel like an asshole doing that to them.
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    Lol I was referring more to the online drama with fans and their opinions. The dude did a bad thing and served his time. That's how the justice system works. The band and Tim can do whatever they please and so can their fans.
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    [PO] Tycho – Weather

    I hear you on that. But the good news is that the instrumental versions aren’t just the songs we have now with Saint’s vocals plucked out of them. They’re reworked and revised a bit to compensate for the lack of vocals, which should keep them from feeling hollow. I’m not expecting a 10/10 Tycho album for the ages but I think it’ll probably resonate more with the Tycho sound we’re used to.
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    probably my favorite late-era Nirvana performance, but going for the standard black from BM for $28.
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    PO: 65daysofstatic - Replicr (9/27/2019)

    I'll obviously give this record a listen, but I've been more than unimpressed with their last few, and consider them one of the many mediocre acts in post-rock. Too much electronics/math for my tastes.
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    The Saint

    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    It's up: Color Variant Black
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    Made it to payday! First thing I did this morning. Supers Pumped on this!
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    recommended! my package arrived today. great dude to deal with!
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    [PO] Tycho – Weather

    Interesting. I actually really like this album and am glad to find that Pink and Blue is probably my least favorite track so I was a little worried I’d be disappointed. Always interesting when an artist deviates from a formula and disappoints fans, when it makes total sense from the artist’s perspective to evolve, branch out, and try new things. I mean, How great would another variation of his first three albums really be? For me, His sound was already starting to get a bit redundant with Epoch. Weather is different, so I can see why fans of his prior work would be disappointed, but I enjoy it for what it is, although I do think it could be a bit stronger and might work better as a collab EP rather than a straight up Tycho album. This interview has some nice insight.
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    The chat function only works in Japanese but you can send them a message in English. I’ve had a damaged LP once and they were pretty quick to respond and resolve the problem. That said, the Khruangbin LP arrived without any damage from them but wasn’t shipped in the best packaging.
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    And now four months later Amazon is selling all three combined for $117.
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    Kanye West

    Wilco - Ode to Joy (10/4)

    what kind of idiotic statement is this just wondering
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    Wilco - Ode to Joy (10/4)

    I find this whole thing kind of humorous. Maybe Wilco hired that shitty marketing team that Arcade Fire had for the Everything Now album? Would anyone here spend $500 on ANY album? $500 for a pre-order of a band? The only album of recent that I think I might have is that super deluxe Syro by Aphex. IDK man for $500 it should come with some pretty cool shit. I think if it were a mistake it would be noticed and corrected by now. I'm kind of surprised none of the music blogs have mentioned the price. The only thing I think I would realistically spend that much money would be some crazy new Pink Floyd box set
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    Chrundle The Great

    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    break out that google time zone converter, cause no one outside of "bad food, worse weather"-land has heard of BST
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    Hell yes, it seems pure noise is literally signing all my fav bands recently, what’s next, Boundaries, Rain Of Salvation, God Complex? Or maybe a new Blistered release? Excited to see what will come.
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    So it seems a few weeks in that this was a bit of an overblown concern, assuming you don't have an ideological opposition to sales tax in the first place 😜. It's actually not that complicated. If you are a buyer, either: you live in a state where Discogs is an MPF (https://support.discogs.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024123194#h_92f3b7e3-8346-4582-82a7-ec8117930651) in which case Discogs automatically charges you sales tax, or you live in a non-MPF state, in which case it's up to the seller to account for sales tax if they meet your state's economic nexus threshold (see below) or if they live in the same state as you (also see below) For sellers: Your buyers in MPF states automatically pay sales tax, and Discogs automatically collects it. For non-MPF states, if you don't meet a specific state's economic nexus threshold, which means you do X amount of business in the state (at least $100,000 & 100 transactions for all states that have sales tax), you are not legally required to collect sales tax. This most likely covers everyone on VC. If you're doing that much in Discogs sales to one state, you probably have an accountant who has already explained this to you. The exception is your home state. According to Discogs, there are usually no thresholds for "resident sellers" since you're effectively the same as a brick and mortar business at that point. This is the one annoying one, since Discogs also says you technically have to register your "business" and file tax returns and all that. That seems to be on the honor system for now, since you have to go in and manually check the box for your state in your seller settings, so I'm leaving it be for now. If you really want to stay off the grid, you can always arrange an in-person meetup.
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    Anybody get False 'Portent' on vinyl?
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    they're right to be fair. they're voting with their wallets because they don't want to support the label
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    Moving forward, any delays will be referred to as being Garth’d.
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