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    Tets is The Greasy Strangler
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    Experimental album? More like experimental website, amiright??
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    https://store.prostheticrecords.com/item/65922 3 left at the present moment. There is also an /500 splatter pressing of Weightless.
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    Well shove a stick up my ass and call me a popsicle. How bout that.
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    Got my reissues in today so in the spirit of R.I.P. Bootlegs mine were destroyed
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    I am at work and I guess sober? Still kinda feeling a certain way from the Halloween party last night. GAPE ME!
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    So glad the other threads aren’t like this.
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    This is in serious contention for album of the year. Ya’ll crazy.
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    Awesome Goodwill Finds

    I found "Billion Dollar Babies" by Alice Cooper and inside was an old tour program that had an unpunched, unplayed "Nobody Likes Me" flexi disc on the back, signed by Dennis Dunaway (twice for some reason). That's not bad for $0.59
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    PO: Whitechapel - The Valley (3/29)

    Splatter Vinyl /300 https://www.indiemerch.com/metalbladerecords/item/65902 Haze Vinyl /300 https://www.indiemerch.com/metalbladerecords/item/65901
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    These buds are tied with Lauren Records for the best no frills record label sub out there. Varied, good bands. Healthy number of releases a year. Everything arrives on time and D-Ray is there to help when needed. Def recommend folks raiding this stash.
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    lmao wow this preorder couldn't have gone worse https://www.districtlines.com/mae/Music no vinyl
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    Quite surprised it's not on the Caleb Scofield benefit page. I'm holding off until some copies hopefully show up there, or until the Canadian dollar gets a little stronger. It's not out until next year so here's hoping it doesn't sell out by the time I pull the trigger.
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    You aren't comprehending what I am saying
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    Notld 90 showed up today from wargod; can't wait to spin it.
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    Anyone in the USA going to carry this?
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    I want to downvote this comment. For 2 reasons, neither of which is personal, please carry on.
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    I'm sure every chancer on Discogs who owns one of those bootlegs really loves you now. Watch them be the only Gizz wax worth anything in the aftermarket in years to come whereas if everyone just gifted them, you'd be 1 . Preaching the gospel of the band on people who would never have gave them a second chance and 2. Devaluing it for the speculators. Bradbury wept!
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    What this guy said. Here comes another apology..."Sorry everyone, honestly we really don't know when or if this will actually happen, see you in another 10 years."
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    I'll take it if no one takes you up on your offer.
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    Black Friday RSD 2018

    Yo, wtf. I'm getting me a Niggy!!! Been wanting that for a hot minute.
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    Sub Pop Singles Club Vol. 4

    Page says "you will receive twelve (12) 7” singles, shipped directly from Sub Pop HQ in Seattle to you, starting in April of 2019."
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    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Where are my Myst and Riven scores
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    20 Buck Spin just got some MGLA stuff in, I inquired about KSM stuff on Instagram but didn't get a reply. Can't wait for the new album to release on vinyl. Scolex/Mortuous split 7" slams - out now from Carbonized Records http://carbonizedrecords.storenvy.com/ https://carbonizedrecords.bandcamp.com/album/scolex-mortuous
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    Extreme Metal Releases and Pre-orders

    Yeah I literally just starting listening to these guys and love it (I've listened to MGLA a lot in the past) I'm assuming places like 20buckspin, hellsheadbangers, arcane alter, etc should get them because they've all gotten MGLA stuff which is on the same label
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    PO - Metallica ...AJFA Deluxe Box Set

    I just got my Amazon shipping notice. I'm a happy boy. It was listed as arriving on 11/13 till today...and I'm going to be in Wisconsin then...far, far from my records.
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    Extreme Metal Releases and Pre-orders

    https://store.no-solace.com/ The first 2 Kriegsmaschine albums have been reissued on vinyl. I'm sure distros in north america will be getting them soon enough
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    It's not hardly annoying at all. We've gone a decade without new material, we could probably squeeze out another 24 hours or so. I believe they're trying to mitigate future issues, so it's all good in the hood.
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    The official Horror fan topic

    I'll be getting to this once I finish up a few other things. The 31 movies ate up a lot of my watching time. Glad to hear it's good! Here's my final 31 days of horror watches 29. Hell House LLC 30. Dark Waters 31. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (4K remaster) / Evil Dead II (4K remaster) / Scream 3* * it's amazing how much worse this is than the second one
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    Record release show with Gouge Away! Hopefully I can grab the RR variant to go with my RR copy of Paul Walker.
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    YES! You guys get it! You are logical beings. I love you. You guys slap! Slap me! P.S. Ironically, I got the score the the Tom Savini NotLD. I mean, it's nasty, foreboding and a GOREFEST even in the music dept. Eviscerate me!
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    I don't like music anymore

    Thanks man. I've been trying pretty hard recently listening to music and watching a few films to try and get my interest back but it's not been terribly successful. I just can't enjoy anything I used to love doing and it's hard. I hope you're doing ok. New Mongol Horde songs sounds hopeful! I was worried this was going to just be a one-off album. It's been a while since they released it but I guess Frank has other priorities which is fair enough. I'm actually quite keen to check out Biffy Clyro now. Had no idea they used to be heavier. I've not heard of Remote Viewing, thanks! You've given me a lot to check out. Thanks for that, it's a big help.
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    Stress On The Sky

    I don't like music anymore

    You're more than welcome. I got a few kneejerk cds from back in the day too. When I saw the London leg of the Mongol Horde tour they did play a couple of new tunes so as soon as Frank has a break from his Billy Bragg routine we may get something new. You're spot on as far as Biffy Clyro goes these days, since 2007 theyve been getting more commercial for sure. I can still stomach it but I've been a rabid fan for 16 odd years so I'm a little biased. Those first three albums though strike a great balance between melodic and chaotic and are all probably in my top all time albums. I do miss Simon's screams. If you wind up enjoying Palehorse but want more after you've gotten through their discography most of the band are now in an outfit called Remote Viewing who just dropped their album this year. Also it goes without saying but I hope you feel better soon. I struggle off and on with depression myself n its a cruel mistress especially when it turns a passion into ashes.
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    I don't like music anymore

    I know of Reuben from years back but I've never listened to them. I'll check them out. I also know Million Dead but never got into them. I'm actually old enough to have known his emo type band Kneejerk wayyyyyyy back in the day. They're a bit of an acquired taste but I love their song "Wire Wool". I think I've listened to Palehorse before too but I'll check them out again. I don't mind heavy stuff. I was reading about Mongol Horde and apparently their tour earlier this year was the first one they've done since the album? I'm not holding my breath for them to tour again but I would absolutely love to see them live. If they tour, I'll be there. They played King Tuts in Glasgow which has a capacity of about 450 I think. That would've been amazing. So gutted I was late in discovering them. Fingers crossed for a new album and a tour. Oh and Future of the Left I've again heard of but never listened to. I know of Sucioperro and and Biffy Clyro but always assumed they were poppy rock bands so never checked them out as it's not really my thing. I'll do that now. I think I listened to Marmaduke Duke years ago but can't remember much about them. I'll also give them a spin. Thanks a lot for your suggestions, means a lot.
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    Slow clap... noticed the November 30th release date and if they are expecting to deliver by that date I guess I'm fine with this. Still better than like 7 month pre-orders.
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    I was in the same situation with a similar setup. I had the Cambridge CXA60, ProJect DC Esprit, 2M Red, and Cambridge CP1 preamp. I swapped out the preamp with a Lounge MKIII($300) and the 2M Red with a Nagaoka MP110($120). The cartridge swap was more of a parallel move but I like the Nagaoka's qualities more than the Ortofon. You may want to upgrade to the Blue. Pretty sure you can just swap out the stylus on the Red and Blue. The preamp was a definite step up. The Esprit came with an acrylic platter and Im not convinced it's any better. Still really liking my CXA60.
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    Oh yeah that’s true. Missed that. Well he did quote me as well so that also threw me off haha.
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    Are you talking about NotLD or The Haunting Of Hill House? Cause I was talking about the Haunting Of Hill House. I only ask cause you mentioned people “buying it for the art” and as much as I like the HOHH art, all they did was take the art straight from Netflix.
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    Agree completely, as much as I would like to grab it the soundtrack isn't worth that much to me either.. IDK about everyone else but I also don't listen to film scores enough throughout the year to buy that many of them with these kind of prices so I try to just stick with a few favorites and grab some I see here and there at a good price. I have a feeling I can eventually grab one of the variants in the 30 range if I wait a bit. Great to see this finally get re-issued though regardless.
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    Btw how often sales happening an nbc? Any chance for some discounts on black Friday or they didn't do it?
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    Stress On The Sky

    I don't like music anymore

    Great guy. Check out his old band Reuben if you haven't already, they only put out three albums but they are all stellar. Lenman n a lot of his chums were the bands I grew up on so I have a few other recommendations for hard hitting rock from the same UK scene. Also Mr Lenman has just announced a new live LP featuring an acoustic set performed at St Pancras Old Church. As I see you've spotted Frank Turner's hardcore project Mongol Horde you may also be interested in his band from way back when featuring the same drummer called Million Dead. They're post-hardcore bliss, two albums, both great. The bassist went on to be part of Future Of The Left a rather more oddball heavy act made up of ex-noise rockers Mclusky. The drummer also had a sludge/noise/metal band called palehorse but those guys are insanely heavy in comparison and not walking the line of melodic and hardcore. Saw Mongol Horde earlier this year you may get a second album before too long. There's a whole collection of related bands you may dig like Sucioperro (have Lenman featured on a few tracks but sadly mostly defunct now and no vinyl still 4 albums and a tonne of great EPs). You might also be interested in old school Biffy Clyro the new stuff is polished to pop rock standards that may make you turn your nose up initially but the first three albums Blackened Sky, Vertigo Of Bliss and Infinity Land are twisted and choc full of heavy moments. Sucioperro & Biffy Clyro front men have a bizarre side project called Marmaduke Duke as well although the third album seems like its never coming out.
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    Just remember, it’s only punk rock when the administration is Republican.
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    It will be up for a while but in 5-10 second increments.
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    You and me both, and I ordered one!
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    https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/rock/8481701/saves-the-day-interview-new-album-9-chris-conley Side A is supposed to tell like the story of their journey AS A BAND hence a lot of the lyrics reference writing, friendship, touring, shows, etc. 29 is about Chris' personal journey, the important moments and people in his life, him finding meaning and peace.
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    Rise Records 7" Series

    It was working when I got it yes. Daily played for about 3 years before I needed a tech to come in and fix a few minor things that had slowly went out. Repairs were around $100. Someone with basic wiring skills could probably do it...I just don't have those skills. Also this works as a good post for today:
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    They should all be going out next week.
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    Albums That Should Be Pressed on Vinyl

    Did you buy one just to sell it for $99.99 on Discogs?
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